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7/3/11 – The Green Man – The Water Elementals

Okay, a little test if you like, hands up those who can tell distilled water from fresh water?  Now there’s no audience here so therefore it is obviously aimed at the listener and one would presume that in most cases the majority of people would say Yes and when asked why they would turn around and say distilled water is lifeless, but freshwater from a stream tastes totally different.

And they would be right, but why would they be right?  Most people it goes no further than that, they just say oh well the water has been put through an evaporative process etcetera and all the natural bits and pieces that were in there have been withdrawn so it is now perfectly clean water but with no life.

Look at it another way.  That water has been taken and if you like reconstituted but without the touch of the Elementals of Water and this is the point that we are making, that when the water is touched by the Elementals you can tell the difference, when it isn’t you know that as well.

And yet it is such a natural normal thing that most people would never consider.  There’s life in good water, bad waters dead.  End of story.  No why, where does the life come from?  How does it exist, why was it there in the first place and why isn’t it there now?  These questions that seem to be conveniently forgotten in these circumstances.

We, the Elementals live within our Kingdoms and we keep them alive.  So the Water Elementals look after theirs.  What happens when they’re not able to, the water dies? And when the water dies basically nothing that’s good or useful can exist in it.  They all talk about the water being oxygenated and all things like this and this is all part of the fact yes, most definitely.  But it is not all the facts.

Water, just about is equal to land in the amount of contamination that has taken place by man.  And yet four fifths of your Earth is covered in water and there would be very few areas now anywhere on the planet that have not been contaminated.

Don you think it’s sad that they have to drill in for hundreds of metres into the Southern Icecap in order to find pure uncontaminated water.  Isn’t that crazy.  The fact that human kind has been able to put everything from their own dead, to their excrement, to their rubbish, to their poisons, into the oceans and expect that the oceans magically to be able to dissipate all this.  It doesn’t work that way and it never will.

One thing all human beings should start to do in particular as far as water is concerned, is to become responsible for the contamination that they have created and do everything in their power to ensure that it is no longer given the opportunity to destroy the Great Oceans.

You’ve already seeing the affects, the massive reductions in the number of fish, not just from fishing which of course has a great affect, but that the fact that the oceans are no longer anywhere near as alive as they should be and therefore they themselves cannot support to the level that used to be.

If you were able to magically flip back a million years and look at the ocean, walk in it, swim in it, float in it, analyse it, you would see what we’re talking about.  A million years ago, five hundred thousand years ago, a hundred thousand years ago, in many areas and we stress that because we have discussed Atlantis, the waters were pure.  No longer is the case.  They are contaminated.

The Elementals themselves do all in their power to keep these areas energised, again for their Mother, for the one they live with, the one they work with, the one who allows them to be.  But mankind is taking this away.  This ability to be able to keep the waters in pristine condition.  You have to ask when pristine can only be found by drilling hundreds of metres into icefields, there’s a problem isn’t there.

Not all of it created by man, but shall we say 99% and if you are serious about redressing what is going on, on your Earth, then don’t just look at global warming, look at the reduction in the rain forests.

Look at the erosion that it has caused and the silting up of rivers by the rainforest being destroyed.  Look at the contamination of the air, from the smoke when these forests are burnt.  Look to your water.  Look to the fish stocks.

Learn to truly communicate with those who live in those realms and they are there waiting for you, dolphins, whales, all are quite capable, it is you that are not capable and you are destroying their domain.

Think about that.  You have to look at all of these things plus many, many more, just don’t get wrapped up into one.  The Global Warming, certainly records would prove that it is happening and there are significant changes, hot and cold.  Records would also prove that this has happened before.

It is inevitable that mankind is having a major effect as well, but this is just one of a dozen areas that you need to concentrate on.  Okay, you could say one step at a time but our concerns are that everyone will look at global warming, will find out the truth whatever it may be in the long run, and then drop the whole thing because it became an expensive, difficult, non productive event and then file all the other areas, all the other problems, the water, the air, the earth, into the same basket and say “we’ve been there, we’ve done that, it doesn’t work”.

Doesn’t that sound typically human to you?  It certainly does to us and so look at the whole picture not just part of it.  As with all these things it is normally necessary to take a step back, to look at the whole thing and then to zone in to where you want to be.

But if you just dive in without being aware or taking into account other factors then you can make dramatic and drastic events occur by your ignorance.

Hopefully you don’t want that, neither do we.

Okay so it looks as though we’ve got a break for one and we’re back on Friday, let’s continue on then.

Thank you

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