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8/12/10 – The Green Man – The Re-Awareness of the Elemental Kindgom

Okay and we we have the splitting, those shall we say who had the Spiritual Knowledge move out, quite often well away from the centres of influence.  As already said Europe, India, even to a degree Australia.  They carried with them as much knowledge as they had been able to retain and to acquire.  Part of the knowledge of course was the awareness of our Kingdom and all that it means.

There were those as it’s always the case who were more fey than others and they still were able to have that link of actually seeing such creatures as ourselves and to repeat here we had run away for very good reason and human kind had become more and more dense in it’s human physical application.

The further you move into the dense regions the less likelihood there is that you will be able to communicate with the finer energies, because the denser energies are exactly that, they are much stronger once you are in there and they take over, so you lose that ability to be able to communicate on the lighter areas.  But some could, and did and still do and as we said what happened was there were those who were able to talk to us, not just to us, to other beings as well, and we have not covered nor will that be our region, but it will be elsewhere and over a period of many thousands of years, there were parts of the earth where a fine balance took place.

We were able to thrive, they were able to thrive.  We worked together, in many ways and in most times we worked in harmony.  They gave, we gave, they took, we took.  It’s after all what a proper friendship’s about.

But then you look at the regions that in many ways became desert.  The South Americas, Egypt, the deserts on the Western side of China, upon the Silk Road there.  When did they become deserts and why?  Why?  The scientists ask are they able now to discover unknown civilisations living underneath.  Aah we reply, because that is where the scientist group if you like, not the spiritual side, but the scientific side moved to, away from Atlantis.

Are you beginning to see a pattern here now, that wherever they landed and started their information, suddenly had it been a beautiful place before they got there, it started to move into being desert or areas where no human under normal circumstances would desire to live.

Why, you say?  Our answer is – because we withdrew.

Did we want to? No, our job is to look after the earth, but could you go and work shall we say in the middle of Chernobyl without any protection.  Maybe for a very short time, but you are going to get very sick and you are going to die very quickly and lots of other nasty horrible things are going to happen.

So, do you see what happened to us – exactly the same.  We could operate where they were.  And so the areas around them became deserts.  You think, oh there’s a desert or two in Australia.  Yes, think about it, it hasn’t always been desert. Desert generally implies – very little life, does it not.  When they dig under they find traces of beautiful times, long lost, mighty trees, ferns, creatures, all gone.

The earth wasn’t always desert, in fact very little of earth was ever desert until this started to take place.  Okay, if we move away because we are forced to move away, then what is left is pretty well an area in which it is nigh on impossible to live.  Again this did not take place over hundreds of years but thousands of years and beyond.

And slowly as the  beings that were in control began to realise what was happening and the fact that they had no control over us, they started to withdraw from the mainstream of physical life, alright.  They started to move into the background leaving their minions to perform the experiments and the tricks that were dictated to them.

They were smart enough to k now that what was going to happen.  Did they have any concern for those who were working for them? Did they have any concern for the earth?  Did they have any concern for the regions that were there?  Did they have any concern for us?  Of course not and this has been the pattern for so long.

All they were interested in, all they are interested in now, is their own ends. There’s nothing philanthropic about them as we have said before.  It is all take and to give there is always a reason for it and it is a reason that benefits them not you.

So where do we go here, they are withdrawing and over millennia the stories of the gods begin to appear.  Now we do say very much small g gods, not capital G Gods.  Small g gods.  But throughout these continents these gods became deity.  They became beings that were worshipped as far as the scientific race was concerned and for a long while that had it’s advantages for those who’d left.  They could still manipulate, they could still control.

But of course now the one thing it was not so easy to do was to come back and take their place once more as a god.  You only had to look at Egypt, South America, well documented what went on.  The drawings, the descriptions, all of these things, but having left as they had, they couldn’t suddenly front up on the streets and say “hi, we’ve come back”, that was going to blow everything.

So where do we go now, what do we do, what’s the next move?  Well they already think we’re gods, religion sounds a pretty good idea, doesn’t it.

We’re going to leave it there, ready for Friday and then we will go on about the next step with religion.

But what we will do here is we’ll recap once more.  We have two very, very dissimilar groups now operating on the earth.  Those with scientific power, those with the spiritual touch.  As is always the case in these matters, one side is going to have to give and we all know who that was, but we don’t necessarily know yet, do we – why or how?

That will be the next step.   Thank you

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