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8/5/2012 – Our Lady – Speaking on behalf of the Elemental Kingdom

8/5/2012 – Our Lady – Speaking on behalf of the Elemental Kingdom

Sometimes it takes but one spark to start a huge forest fire that can engulf so much and so many.  Another time you can burn and burn and try to start a fire and nothing will happen and it will go out.  You can blame what you will, damp wood, useless timber, but the fact is that unless you have the Elementals upon your side it will not happen.  And it is not just a fact for forest fires, but for all that is upon the Earth’s surface.

Without them, you’re gone, you may say, you will die.  We say, your Spiritual Beings will go elsewhere.  So is enough being done to garner the trust and the fellowship for these beings.  The answer to this of course is none, no, none or so very little it is immaterial.  You humans are strange, you will hunt a creature to nigh on extinction and then spend vast sums of money, of time, and attention to bring it back from that brink.  The question is, “Why did you let it get there in the first place?”

If you had a better understanding of all that is around you, of the Earth and Her Children and those who have chosen to live all their time out upon Her surface and within Her realms.  If you had a better understanding of these you would never take these liberties, of sometimes total destruction and sometimes so close that the species can never come back.

Do you think you are gods?  Do you think you have the divine right to make these decisions and to foist them upon other beings?  The answer to that is, of course not.  Yet you do and you try to force your power and authority on all that is around you.

We have given many talks in particular about Elementals and about the Earth itself, and there has been one underlying message in all of this, that You are Responsible for what you have brought about and what you are bringing about.  And only You can correct it if you have any intent of living in harmony with what is around you.

Warm fuzzy stories are nothing more than that – warm fuzzy stories.  You are no longer children that need to be encouraged and given quasi lies to get you to comply.  You no longer need to be told that everything is wonderful, that somebody else will come along and clean up the mess you have made or that you will go elsewhere, another home, and start the same process again.  IT WILL NOT HAPPEN.

Why would it?  Why would you be given the opportunity to redo the destruction you have done to one of the most beautiful planets in the Universe?  Do you not realise how lucky you are to be upon this Earth, to experience the wonders, and the love of the Earth itself?  It is this love and beauty that has created the Earth to be what it is.

So dear friends, ignore the warm and fuzzies that inevitably seem to float  out when things are in trouble and instead embrace your own responsibilities, for only in that way can you start to make amends both for yourselves as individuals and for mankind.

If you wish to be fooled by erroneous comments regarding your future, then do so.  But may we suggest before allowing this curtain to come down upon reality, that you look at reality as it stands at this time and make some very strong decisions about yourselves, how you operate, the country you live in, how it operates.  What you allow to be done in the name of progress and further and further industrialisation.

We are not asking you to step back to how things were 300 years ago or anything of the sort, what we are asking is that you stop this headlong rush into destruction.  Surely any intelligent being can see that the Earth cannot exist as things are going and that means you cannot.

How much more strain and pressure are you going to put upon this beautiful place, both by your incessant breeding and your even greater incessant demanding of the latest gadgets with the built in obsolescence that takes more and more from the Earth everytime one of these is created.

As we said earlier, you are adults now and you need to take responsibilities as adults.  Adults can take the truth, they do not need platitudes or down right lies about what is happening and what is going to happen.  Adults will stand up, acknowledge for themselves what is going on, what is happening and then they will do something about it – won’t you.

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