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9/2/11 – The Green Man – You may not have Eternity

The Green Man is here as has been the case for some time as we have been waiting and will try and catch up with our conversation. Basically what he was saying was that we have parallels with them in lives but only in limited areas as he said………

You are born from procreation of some form or another he said, the difference is We are a creation of this Earth.  We are part of this earth as you call the Mother Earth, so therefore we are happy with She.  She created us, and with her we stay to the end.

A major difference is that you can travel, by this we mean you can travel well beyond the Earth within a lifetime, between life times, the Universe is your oyster.  Most of you seem to be hung up on the fact that you will return (reincarnate) to the Earth time and time again, this is not necessarily so, although for the vast majority, this appears and is at this time, the case.

When you can learn to travel without spaceships, without fire arms, without protection but by utilising your inner selves and moving forward, you will find that out there beyond and even within the Realms of this Earth, there are many areas that will amaze you.

For at this time they are cloaked, especially those closer within and even those way beyond.  Your scientists search diligently as signs of other life forces out there in the cosmos.  They go further and further afield looking.  What they don’t realise is they’re there, they’re all around but they are cloaked because you are not ready to see them.  You are not ready to move in their realms, in their vibrations.

As many of you know there have been many tales of beings moving instantaneously from one part of the world to another and well documented.  Here now, two seconds later a thousand miles away or whatever it may be, a thousand kilometers whichever way you wish to look at it.  All it is is a distance, it means nothing more that the fact that it cannot be travelled instantaneously by any other means from the power within the being.

So it can be done.  As we have touched on before in the Lemurian times, when ready to move on that was one of the tests.  When you could move into a different realm, you were ready to go and could freely do so or could freely stay.

No guns, no armour, no battle ships, no rockets, for they are in so many ways signs of force and domination.  When you can suddenly arrive with none of this but just the brightness of your being, then there are so many areas where you will be welcome.  And as already said, not just beyond the Earth’s region, but within as well, for the vast majority of beings this is unknown, it is blocked.

The beauty we have is that within the realms that are part of this Earth frame and structure, we can move readily from the densest to the finest, be we cannot for it is not part of our being, suddenly get transported from this Earth to a parallel planet of similar structure or anything of the sort.  We are limited to being here.

You often wonder what are you?  Well you must be something special if you’re given these gifts of transportation, these gifts of the ability to be able to be aware of everything that is, physical, non physical and yet you cling to this one Earth.  Your gods, and we put that in small g’s  tell you this is it, this is where you work out, this is where you solve all your problems and you believe them.

Surely this is no more than the equivalent of an animal being trapped in a cage and told there is a cage around it, but later the bars disappear, but the animal does not move on because it still believes itself to be within the cage.  It has now created that cage within it’s mind.  It is no more physical, it has become mental.  It has become a mind thing, just a powerful if not even more so.

Just as challenging and this in many ways is what has happened to all of you. You have been told, time and time and time again, this is the only place for you to operate and if you want to go elsewhere you’re going to have to create your flying machines and sit in them and do whatever is necessary to get from here to there however far that may be, before you can spawn again.

A very difficult way of doing things.  Shall we say a nigh on impossible way of doing things.  So therefore a different approach is necessary.  Think of yourselves outside the confines of the Earth.  Think of yourselves as being able to expand out and draw in the beauties that abound beyond. Cut away those bars, that cage that has been placed around you and become your proper selves. But you cannot do this if you still hold on the perception that you are limited physically, mentally and spiritually.

Physically yes, why bother to drag that body around at times when you don’t need it.  Many of you, many of you have experienced wonderful flights during your dreams, so real and so they are.  So true, and so they are, for surely if you can do it from place to place within a small area, logically you should be able to go further should you not and garner in more information and in that garnering become more aware of the true reality of things.  Not that, that has been spun and weaved around you.

All these things, we do not have and neither should we because we are different beings. We are created basically as required and we are given the beauty of one life time upon a beautiful planet.  There to enjoy and to hep that planet increase in it’s magnificence, to become even more, to become greater and at the end of our turn in doing that, we have achieved all that is required of us and al that we require of ourselves and we then go into non-existence once more.

But having said that, having created, having achieved and we are happy to know that is the case, but when slowly, inexorably we are strangled by beings who are supposed to be very wondrous, magnificent, angelic beings – because of their blindness, their contempt, their ignorance, we are not happy. Why should we be, for then we cannot achieve?

Do you believe that anything has the right to stop you from achieving that which is being set in front of you to obtain.  Well of course it has happened, it has happened many times as you have been tweaked and adjusted as you are captured oh, so subtley and then worked upon.

But now friends, it is time to see that trap for what it is, to work beyond it, to move beyond it, to get beyond it and to become yourselves.

We would dearly, dearly love to help and if we thought that you felt in anyway the same as we do about achieving this, we would do all that we could to assist.  It’s up to you, you have eternity, but as crazy as it may seem in saying this – Don’t leave it too late because that eternity may come crashing down.  It may take you with it, it may no longer exist for you.

Why? how’s this happened, what’s it about?  Let’s find out next time shall we.

Thank you

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