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9/5/2001 – Silver Connection – About the Feminine -Women

Greetings beloved ones, on this afternoon, how are we both?

(Very well thank you.  How are you?)

Oh, we as always are find and looking forward to once again to another communication with yourselves o this fairly cold and blustery afternoon is it not.  You are sitting out there finding and as we can sense through you, for such is the contact and communication that we can all have these days, that it is very easy for us to become aware of things through yourselves, as though in many ways we are at times even inhabiting your bodies and what we do trust is that before too long this will be a two event.

(of what, sorry?)

That you will be able to make the same arrangement with us, for which of course we would be very happy and thankful to do so, just as you have allowed the penetration if you like of your bodies by certain aspects of the universe in recent years.

Now do we have any questions at this stage at all.

(I though if one was to talk about Women then there was something else I would probably ask okay.)

Not men was it?  (No)

Let us start this afternoon shall we and talk a little bit about ‘women’ or would you prefer to talk other subjects.  Okay, let’s see where we go because all of us are very careful in the way that we handle these subjects because one thing that you can be assured of is that the human race in particular is so gender bound, that it is beyond all acceptability, right.

When all things boils down truly, it is male versus female.  And for a long while now the females have had a horrible rough trot of this but of course this has not always been the case.  We look and we say, well it is family versus family or else it is country versus country or religion versus religion, but truly a step beyond this, it is male versus female.

Now that does not apply or mean that the males of one country will join up with the males of another country and destroy the females.  Oh no, it is nowhere near as subtle as that or as straight forward as that, it is far less subtle right.

It is instinctive that the plumbing that is provided at the beginning and the training that is accorded thus, brings about these aspects.  Now we tell you nothing there that is unusual.  For so long blue for boys, pinks for girls, right.  Doll and guns and swords in earlier times, but moving back to the statement we made that it is male versus female, this in many ways is true.

There is always a battle going on between the two sexes and it is such a shame because if one understood where one came from, then one’s sex is immaterial, yes.  You do not have to have one up for men, or one up for women or anything of the sort.  Really what you should be striving for it you have any brains, any of you, is one up for the human race.

(That would be too difficult)

Yes, for a long period between the demise of the priests of Atlanta and the Dawning of the so called Christian era, for much of that time, the females were in ascendancy in many roles.  And albeit that history will rarely acknowledge this, they were in most ways in control.

One only has to look back to the many famous women pre AD right, pre the birth of Christ.  And when you look on after the birth of Christ, how many truly famous women have there been.  Very few indeed in comparison to the number of males, yet beforehand there were many upon many, upon many and this reflected the situation within the world at the time.

Although it was not a directive, we use the word very carefully and intentionally, when the priesthoods fell in Atlanta, which were mainly of a masculine basis, right, women around the world in many areas arose and demanded their place, their rightful place and beyond.  No, jungle drums did not beat, letters were not sent, it comes back very much to that hundredth monkey syndrome, that suddenly it is upon the ethers and it is picked up,k gently, subtely and then it is is worked upon, yes.

And this is how it was for some 6 to 8,000 years that women were very much in ascendency or at the very least of equality, but in general were much stronger right.  Then in comes the Christian religion, bringing with it, it’s blinkers, it’s whips, it’s demands of cleanliness and uncleanliness and beyond the Christian come in all the others on it’s back if you like, changing their outlooks, putting women into a subservient situation, right.

Why?  Is it because women did a very good job when they were if you like, in control?  They certainly did as good if not better than most of the men, yes.  But it is truly the fear by the masculine that the feminine re-creates and is the birth of the next generation, not the masculine of course and for this reason in particular, women have been made less than.

At one stage they were revered for what their internals created.  They, after all until now were responsible for all births, yes.  One man could service a thousand women, one thousand men would not service one woman.  You understand, yes.  And so for so long this was if you like pushed down the throat of the men that we are far more important because we bring forward the children, we bring forth the next generation.

We are life.  You are little more than nothing.  So when this sort of thing happens of course, there is the inevitable uprising and if one can get someone as smart as Paul, who as is well known for many reasons, – hated women, to start the process of returning women back to where men thought they should be.

Then many more followed.  This has nothing to do with Christianity, this has nothing to do with the Christedness of beings, this has nothing to do with Jesus the Christed One.  It has a lot to do with history, manipulation, control.

And women were subjugated once again.  This is a pattern that has followed through on many occasions, but of course when one looks from the side as a visitor, as an observer, one says ‘why’.  Surely when you understand you are both, you have been both, you carry both, the basic difference you have is your plumbing between your legs and a bit inside and around the outside.  But 99% really of what you are, is the same.

Why make such a big deal about the difference.  Now there are many other aspects of this to be covered, but not now.  The mystique that surrounds the comments that women, you never understand them is and this is perfectly true.

(We don’t often understand ourselves)

Why not?  If you were all to tune in to both aspects of yourselves, you will understand more about yourself and about each other and about the sexes and about the races and surely when we do come back to it, the common denominator of all that is humanity itself and it’s needs to survive.  Not it’s need to get on top.

(Doesn’t this come back to the fact that instead of bringing dominion to all, human beings are into domination of all.)

And that has been the case for so long, brought in particular to it’s zenith only 10,000 years ago.  Until then and obviously this did not happen overnight, it was a long progressive move, but until then, dominion was far more important than domination.

The meddlings of the priests and those that moved into the areas of the earth from elsewhere to control and manipulate in particular, both of these brought about drastic changes in the awareness of human beings.  As you find when you are into dominion with what is around you, everything works in harmony, yes.

When you are into domination, because of what it is, it brings about disharmony.  It is inevitable.  It can be nothing else, dominion working together in love, in harmony, in understanding with all that is around brings in peace, beauty and in particular progression.

Domination is exactly the opposite, but today we have digressed enough on this subject of Women and their mystique and what they are.  We will return to this another time soon.

Until that time beloved ones, our love, our blessings to you both until then. Goodbye.


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