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Silver Connection – Time Is Running Out – So What Are The Options?

Silver Connection – Time Is Running Out – So What Are The Options?

You are at a critical point and it comes with the number of you this Earth can sustain.  If you continue on your ways of rampant procreation, there will have to be a levelling to ensure that you go no further.  Now obviously if you are intent on creating more and more humans upon the surface, then some other force is going to have to take the responsibility that is necessary to bring you back to a sustainable level.

Are you prepared to consider that or would you prefer to take the actions that are necessary yourselves?  Surely the latter is a much better option.  If you continue on, then the reduction will be by any means that are necessary and this of course will result in dramatic loss of life, but on a far more regular basis than has been the case up until now.

There are many options here.  They can be physical, storms, waves, there can be plagues, a new virus that is untreatable.  Lots of options, so surely it is preferable to reduce the number of new beings that are born, rather than having to take this second and most dramatic of courses.

Your technology increases especially in health, hygiene and medicine have brought about this huge influx of beings.  Your technology has also provided you with the options of controlling the number of these beings that you draw in to yourselves.  Contraception in it’s various forms, most of which are highly effective.  So the reason for this increase is not the old problem of there being no alternatives, that intercourse would in most circumstances bring about another child.  These times have changed and yet you increase as you do.

So you need to look – why do we increase at this rate?  What is driving us ever onwards to have more and more humans on a planet when the vast majority of us know only too well that this is the wrong thing.  You then surely have to look at consumerism, big business and the organisations that are behind these, for that is where the drive comes from.  More mouths means more demands, means more profits.   It has little to do with employment, for as you’re all beginning to find out, so much can now be manufactured by machines with little need for human help or intervention.

When are you going to wake up to these facts?  When are you going to start doing something about it?  When are you going to take control of yourselves and for the sake of those who come after you, when are you going to take control of what is happening and start to do something to ensure that humans can live in a reasonably sustainable way upon this beautiful place?

Having said this, there is another option and that is that you become more in harmony with yourselves, with who you are, what you are and in doing so became more in harmony with what is around you and we talk not about other humans, but about everything else?  If you could pull this off then if you’re prepared to link in with the other beings, there can be vast increases in the production of food.

But you’re not ready for this.   You would grab at the opportunity, you would d draw in more souls to take a physical presence upon the Earth, but you would give nothing back.  You would just take, it is the way you tend to be, take with little if any thought to the effect it is having.  You do this to each other.  Those that have so much rarely give any consideration for those who have so little and if it is not your land being destroyed, if it is not your children being disfigured, then maybe on occasion you will give token acknowledgement, put your hand in your pocket and then totally forget.

This is not the way to do it.   There has to be a commitment for change, and this commitment has to come from you.  Change can only come from humans and for your own sakes you need to.  You need to make an effort to become more aware of what is around.  To become more in harmony with those that are around, to become less demanding and more giving.  Less critical, more willing to help.  The chances are there, but as we have said, that time is now.

No good leaving it to the children or the grand children, or the great grand children to make that decision, by then it will be too late.  What do you want for them?  Do you want a world that is bright and vibrant, a world that is fresh, a world that can sustain all that is upon it’s surface?  Or would you prefer a world that is full of contamination, so thick with dust and smoke, it’s like a fog that never lifts.

You see this happening already in some countries, you see the contamination of it’s soil, the death of the trees and therefore the reduction in life of anything that could live within those areas.  The vast majority of this has been brought about by the insatiable demands of the rich for those things that may be desirable, but most definitely not necessary.

Is that how you want to be seen in history, or do you want to be seen as those that finally put their hands up and say ‘we’ve had enough.”  You wouldn’t be the first, there have been many movements throughout history that have created great change. Why not become part of the most important movement that not only will create great change, but will create great opportunities and potential for your children and for theirs.

Thank you.

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