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The Green Man – Crystal Power and the splitting of Atlantis

Okay, twenty thousand years ago Atlantis was in it’s prime.  A finer continent has never been seen upon this earth.  The place of magnificence and of beauty but also a place of undescribably negative power which was beginning to take hold, which was beginning to strangle the achievements of those who tried so very hard to work, what you may term ‘in the light’.

For although there had been the divisions that we’ve spoken about and although humans had become less and less and less aware of us the Elementals, there were still those of course just like yourselves and many others now, who knew of our existence, who wished to communicate with us, to work with us.  For us to work side by side to see exactly what between the two forms of energy we could create.

And in many ways they were doing a superb job.  But just as now, they were outnumbered many fold, for the desire for power, for control often based with money for most human beings, well overcame the desire to work in true harmony and knew what we would call true love.

But they struggled on.  However, what happened was that as the negative side if you like, built up and got stronger and stronger, it created so many energies that we could not work close to them and could not live within leagues of many of these sources, for the energies were far too strong and totally in opposition with our own.

And so once again we were forced to go further back away, out of the awareness of so many, not because we wished it, because we certainly didn’t – but because in order to survive we had to.  The energies that were surrounding these places of experiment, often these so called ‘temples’, were terrible.

Much has been spoken about the Crystal Energy of that period and it was true, but often what is forgotten is that the crystal itself is benign, it holds no allegiance anywhere and basically can be used for whatever purpose.  It is not just of this world as you know, the ones that are here were seeded and grown into adulthood in many ways like humans and in many ways like other beings that inhabited and continue to inhabit this beautiful planet.

But as said, due to their structure to what they were, they had no awareness of right or wrong, good or evil, they just did their job.  They still do their job and their job is a very powerful one.  it encompasses many of the things that have been spoken about at different times.

If you like the interplanetary landing light beamed out into the Universe, latched onto, drawing in.  Was this good.  Was this bad.  Neither, it was.  What was important was what was drawn in on the beam.  Was that good or was that bad, now that was important and far too often those that were attracted and had set this up and utilised it just to make roadways, nothing more than that in many ways, to make simple, easy roadways.  But not there to help the Earth or the beings upon the Earth, whatever form they may have taken, but purely to help themselves.

But they played and this Earth, however beautiful, however many times we say it, cannot and does not show the magnificence of the place, describe or anything, it’s within the feelings, within the heart, the beauty.  But they played.  They had no feeling towards this Earth. They had feelings towards their own power and what they were wishing to achieve.

And so using the magnetics of the Earth, the power of the sun and the crystals, they went further and further and further.  When you get an enormous crystal in perfect alignment with the magnetics and the sun energy, you have a mighty, mighty power.  Your nuclear bombs seem like pin pricks in comparison.

What happened.  The inevitable.  They go too far, they push and push and push and is this not what is happening now.  Do we not see the same again once more until one day – gone too far. The continent is split in two by the enormous explosion.  The line follows the magnetic line.  The Earth wobbles on it’s axis and nearly tilts.

Can you imagine the power needed to create that.  Yet that’s what it was.  Reasonably self contained, yes we get your question – ‘why hasn’t the effect been shown around the whole of the earth”. It was, but it was not vast tidal waves, or super hurricane forces winds, or walls of flame.  It was a splitting asunder – a part of the Earth itself and deep within.

But due to the way they had been working, as you can imagine, you have this vast power, if you are not careful it can scatter everywhere.  Simple example, nuclear power stations.  If you didn’t handle and control that power then it can burst asunder and contaminate vast areas right.  Chernobyl, a fair example.

And so what do you do with a nuclear power station.  You use every possible way of controlling that power, keeping it under your control, making sure that it cannot run rampant and destroy everything that is there, right.  Chernobyl, a good example.  If it did not have all the protection that was there can you imagine the result for the Earth.  As it was it was catastrophic enough, it spread far enough, but you could not turn around and say okay, in Australia on such and such a date, you know, ex number of days or hours or whatever it may be, after the Chernobyl explosion, this happened, that happened to the land because it didn’t.

It doesn’t mean the air wasn’t contaminated, it doesn’t mean that the finer life forces weren’t contaminated, because they were.  What it does mean is that you could not use a machine, put it down on the ground and say this is the day on which such and such happened, okay unless you already knew.

Slight glitches, slight fluctuations and it is the same in this instance.  We’re not talking about a nuclear explosion, we’re talking about something that is much, much more powerful.  Much stronger, much greater.

But there were barriers there to contain it, and to a degree when it went wrong those barriers worked, but it still split that continent into two.  Did this stop them? Well we ask you with Chernobyl has that stopped, are they still building nuclear power stations, are they still playing with uranium, and all it’s potentials, of course they are not.

All it did was feed the hunger even more.  But now instead of one, there are two, but now we have beings, human beings who are beginning to look and see the manipulations that happened.  What caused this and of course many still survived and they weren’t necessarily on that continent at the time.

There were many who were spread around the world, doing what they were doing, mostly not to the world’s benefit, or ours, or yours, but they were drawn back and of course many, many survived just as they would through most holocausts.  A settling down period but there are always those who will push on ahead again, whatever the dangers, whatever the risks.

We will go there next time we talk, Thank you


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