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The Green Man – From light beings to dense physical beings

Okay, another step upon our pathway and yet it is possible that each step can easily cover a million earth years or more.  That is not what is important, it is the story, the facts that need to be told.

You asked when talking together – our beginnings.  Where we came from?  How long we survived?  Did we have one life?  This we will gladly give to you at the end of this story for our credentials are as important as any others, that you can know and trust the information that you have been given, because you know very well the amount of manipulation that is going on at these times.  The information that is being passed through in these ways.

Something we as a group have discussed have we not, and our major concern with it, that is another areas, but not one of ours, not of mine, not of our doing.   We have our story, we let others come in and will continue on with that.  The important factor there being, that yes, get our credentials, feel right, and if you don’t feel right, even if it takes six months or more, do not talk until you do feel right okay.

Fine, so back again another step.

Suddenly the beings that are to become humankind in it’s known form now, the vast majority of them suddenly find that they have to go round trees, go round rocks, be careful how far they decide to jump downwards, because as they are becoming denser so they become heavier obviously.

Initially, very simply like a thought projection, you wanted to be in one spot, you thought where it was and went there – simple as that.  Now suddenly you are carrying this much heavier body.  How do you get there.  You propel yourself by some form but not by thought, because thought no longer now has the ability to be able to propel you to where you want to be.

So now suddenly we have a split, we have those who have not shall we say taken the ‘magic elixer’ as the others would believe and although we digress this is something to consider for the future of your own selves and the (….?) close feature to that a magic elixir which will be offered but we digress, we come back, but be aware.

There are those who have not taken this information and they remain as they were in many effects, they still can move as they had moved for so long, they could still see, they can still communicate.  The others who have taken ‘the gift’ are now finding it harder and harder to see, to communicate.

And so we have this splitting of the ways and as said previously, this is where the stories of the Inner Earth, Lemuria start to evolve, because it is difficult for both parties then having such an intimate initial relationship ie to use simple words, come from the same source if you like, for them to live in the same spaces and yet not to live together.

Many of the Lighter Beings decided upon taking up the task of moving away from the Earth, but what they did and many people do not realise this, they then took on the task because of their connections, of guidance to those who were left, for they realised the tricks that had been played.  They realised the wool that had been pulled over the eyes of their brothers, their sisters, their friends and this in many ways is where the stories of the Guardian Angels come about.

Of all these so called Old Wives Tales and the tales of the Old Testament of the Bible, many, many, many of them have a lot of truth behind them.  There are reasons for them being told, reasons that have been lost in time.  And yet because of their validity they still remain and this is something that is worthwhile considering, that when stories are passed down and down and down from millenia and way beyond millenia, the only way they can survive is by having some form of validity.

Whether it was at the beginning or whether the story itself created it’s own validity.  Think about that, but they survive because they have a life of their own, in other words, okay do we understand where we are going on that because we need to give you as a sounding board on this, because if we go too far away, if we become too messed up and really messed up.  If we become too um complicated in our thinking, then we need someone to turn around and say hey – come back, because we don’t do this all the time as you know.  This for us is a very rare occasion contrary to what there has been said and doubtless once this information is released there will be thousands communicating with us..

Oh yes, we know, for the communication we have here has been hones as you very well know over many of your lifetimes, over your resolves, both of you to promote what is real.  What is true, what is correct over your beliefs that we should be protected and the Earth should be protected and helped.  Others they will come in and just pick us up and just snap their fingers and off we go.

It does not work that way.  This friendship and we use that truly and honestly, this friendship has taken so long to mature to the level that it is now, that we are able to talk.  We are able to trust, we are able to give information and know that it will not be used against us in any form, but will be used on our behalf and for our benefit.

So we move back, we suddenly have the split.  We have those who through it you like, to becoming as often termed the Guardian Angels.  The steps were made from if you like that semi-mythical place called Lemuria where there were many tests and many trials, as you both know and this is where we come back to old ground.  There were those who when they were ready, able and capable were given the opportunity to step beyond.  Those who had become too dense and could not make that leap, you know exactly what we are talking about.  You felt it, you were there, you were part of it.

Those who could not make that leap had to stay behind.  Needed teachers, needed guides, needed friends.  And though many of you who decided we will forgo our opportunity to fly, if you like, to soar, we will forgo our opportunity to become Guardian Angels or whatever, but we will remain upon the Earth and we will do all in our power to guide.

And so we had this splitting.  Oh friends, we could spend many, many hours on this subject but there is so much to cover and we cannot do it all possibly even in one lifetime, let alone one sitting, or a hundred sittings.  So on some of these things those of you who read this or decide to listen, decide to become aware, may we suggest that what you do is open your hearts and if this resonates with you, then you know it to be a factor of your  choosing.  If it does not, nothing is lost, there is still so much to be gained, but just open yourselves up.  Was that me?  Was I there?  What happened?

Not all could have been or were, but many, many were.  The steps were very clear, only those that were light enough could move.  Those who were not, stayed.

And so began the next movement as once again those manipulating beings now had the seed sorted for them.  Now they could really start to make the changes that were certainly for their benefit and certainly not the benefit of the beings they were working on.  The human beings.  As much, much more manipulation now began, albeit as we say, slowly, carefully.

Why rush with the possibility of making mistakes when you have all the time in the world and we use that phrase intentionally.  All the time in the world, to refine, to perfect what you are doing.  There is no need to rush.  Get it right and in so many ways they did.

Our next step will be to talk basically through into the Age of Atlantis and what happened there.  The effect upon us the Elementals is now already becoming dramatic.  Our friends in most cases have now left us.  They had moved to those other realms where as we said they became what you would term the Guardian Angels.  The friend who looks over your shoulder.  The one who helps and talks to you at the back of your mind at night.  When you meditate.  When just sitting.  Who touches you.  Who loves you.  Who cares for you.

Those beautiful beings of our friends, those that were left even now you ask, the majority of them could not recognise us, could not communicate with us.  Certainly didn’t care about us, about our Realms, where we came from, what we were.  But still at this time we had an Earth that’s active, that was working with us, that would do all in it’s power to help.

But the time was yet to come when even that would step away and become what you would term asleep.  So we had these beings left, unknown, uncaring, we couldn’t understand them.  They had no feeling for us, they had no awareness of us.  They were about for themselves and what was around them and for the strings that were being pulled from beyond.

And so in many ways, our flight from the awareness of mankind had begun.  It was too painful to be there and to see what was going on and so we also began to hide.  Of course we decided the only was of survival was to retreat, to cover our tracks and to wait.

This did not take place in a hundred years, or a thousand years, or ten thousand years or even a million.  It took much, much longer than that and it was not suddenly now we are here, now we are gone.  No slowly but surely we moved away.

But now these who know that as the Earth awakes, it is our time to move back.  It is our time to make ourselves known once more.  That we are no longer the Little People or Irish folklore, that we are no longer the Gnomes or Elves of German folklore.  We are no longer just to be seen in so called imagination of people looking into the flames, but to be seen riding the winds or diving through the water.

It is now time for us to regain our place, our being.  To re-claim once more our rights and here we are hoping that these communications will help, will give sufficient power if you like, of people starting it in alliance with us, but they will begin to wish for their long lost friends to return.  To work together, because we, all of us can once more step out and grow and what we became.

This is a long way in the future, this is as far as what we talk about, not where we sit with you now or where you sit, we talk whatever you wish to no matter it is immaterial, but where we are not shall we say, tis not that, we have much to tell of before we get to the current.

Beloved Ones, enough for today, plenty there to type back.  Plenty there to think about and we look forward to that next step, building ever closer to what is now.

Thank you


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