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The Green Man – more on Atlantis and the misuse of power

Good morning again.  Okay, we we have this situation where suddenly the true power of the mighty crystals was both unleashed and sudden and also by now those who were playing with them were aware of it obviously – those who created that particular fusion were gone in the eruption.

But as is always the case with these things, it wasn’t just a select few that were operating, they were operating all around the world, wherever they could find large collections of crystals and the energy that was in them.  They were prepared to go and play.

There were two dramatic results of this, obviously physically.  The first one was the splitting asunder of the continent and everything that that involved.  Your scientists have found, traced back the dying of the dinosaur period and believing it was caused by a mighty meteor that hit the earth, as indeed was the case.  But what we are saying is that the power that was unleashed in that was nothing in comparison to the power that was released in Atlantis on that fateful day.

Fortunately as far as the Earth was concerned the vast majority of it was deflected out into the Universe, out into space.  After all that’s what they were playing with the crystals for, they were not just an earthly being, they were far too great for that.  Their job was much more wide ranging.  But it left, is undeniable, a very visible divide.  And that was the first problem.

The second, albeit in  hindsight a much greater one was the decision by the Earth at that time if you like, to hibernate.  Can you imagine if you were a human and some insignificant creature had wrecked that sort of damage on you, it is easy to imagine it.  You suddenly pick up some disease from the tiniest of things that you can’t even see and it increases in your body and it eats it.  It starts to destroy it.  Please don’t say you’re not angry, or course you are, and the Earth was no different, but much wiser and in that wisdom decided that should it remain on the level it was, that there was a very great likelihood of a reaction against those beings that had caused this and in that case the problem would have been even more dramatic.

Maybe like so many beings, there was also a hope in the belief that something had been learned from this and would not be tried again and so the Earth in many ways decided a hibination was probably the answer.  By doing that the Earth could not meddle, get involved in, whatever you want to call it, what was going on.

This in itself was a great sacrifice by the Earth.  But you could imagine if suddenly something burrowed inside you, was eating you away and you believe the only way to stop this from happening was to be put into a coma and allow all your energies, all your bodily energies to zone in and work against that problem, you too would do it, would you not.  Of course.

However the unfortunate aspect of this was that it did not stop the scientists from meddling. We still as has always been the case, had those who are more far seeing and felt that what they were doing was inherently wrong, but any benefits that were likely to have been achieved were not for the Earth or it’s inhabitants in general but for the individuals and those who controlled them.  They would be the only beneficiaries.

But as has become more and more the case these voices unfortunately carried very little clout and so once again we had the splitting off of those prepared to go to any extreme for their own ends and their masters own ends and those who were not going to get involved.

The story of the crystals is different because now suddenly, there was a much greater on one side, fear of them from those who were playing with them and manipulating them and on the other side for those who understood them , far more respect and it was felt to be necessary that wherever possible for these crystal clusters and we are talking huge crystals.  We are talking crystals that you have never seen.  You could not imagine the size.  That they should be hidden, not necessarily from mankind, but wherever possible from those who would utilise their powers for their own ends.

As with all these things it did not happen in a day, or a year, but slowly the process took place but, of course, there were still sufficient for scientists and the priest and priestesses to play with and they did.

Although they didn’t realise it, Atlantis was doomed.  It had already achieved it’s finest pinnacle and there were many great things.  Illness in many ways was a thing of the past, travel was free, food was abundant, water, there was no problem and with it goes shelter and schooling where they felt, but  on the other hand there were the other sides and if it shows our hatred towards scientists and meddlers and those who serve the darker side believing it to be for their own purpose but inevitably being for a different power’s purpose.  And there’s all the mutilations of creatures, the co-joining where it should not have happened in many different forms.

You feel with the cloning and the adjustments that have taken place in the last twenty years on Earth are a great step forward, they are not, they were minor in comparison to what happened then and yet of course once more they are following inevitably it seems, the same pathway.

What happened was that once again it became an Elite.  It is often the case if you look back through history when a country is beyond it’s Zenith, the elite level or Elitist however you like to put it, tend to get stronger, there becomes a greater division between them and those that they have used in all ways, before the country collapses in on itself.

Just look and you will find that this so often has been the case and so it was happening here and there were many who were less than happy with what was taking place and whilst they could they decided it was time to move away from Atlantis because they had their seers, they had their visionaries, they had by now a pretty good idea what was going to happen.  They knew before when it split in two, but who would listen.  The possibility of greater power, greater control, of greater knowledge, far usurped anything that was said to them.

And here again, once more we have this taking place.  Now this has not happened in five years or five thousand, but it has happened and so there was a migration and it is through this migration to many other areas that a lot of the anomalies came up which bamboozle the experts now.  South America, Egypt, if they look properly parts of India, parts of the Himalayas, through into China and even believe it or not in Australia.

But maybe that’s the next story.

Thank you.


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