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The Green Man speaking on the Elementals & how the Earth would judge us if we were on trial.

Greetings Beloved ones from our Element of the Air blowing through there.  Okay so what are we now, the first step of many correct upon our path.  Alright.

Our path itself is the Enlightenment of others, to the misfortunes of those of the Elemental Kingdoms and also of the Earth itself and we may say that within this that it just doesn’t stop with the Earth or the Elemental Kingdoms.  You have had contacts with others way beyond, before now and it even indirectly affects them because if they can have no communication with the Earth, it is their loss and ours.

As has been said the Earth is waking up, slowly but surely and it’s of a sufficient awareness now as to that has been done to it, to her surface and beyond by human beings.  If the Earth were to stand there in judgement right now and the charges were the pollution of her blood if you like, the water that flows upon the surface, that flows all around the Earth just like the blood that flows through your bodies –  is there one person who could put their hand up and say “I do not have a share in the responsibility of this.  It is not my cause”.

There may be a few hidden away in jungles yet to be discovered or recently discovered, but in general every being that stands and walks and breathes, every human being that breathes upon this Earth is responsible for what’s going on.

If you were the judge and you had before you a person who had been accused of murdering another person by blood poisoning, you would take this very seriously would you not.  You would take it so seriously that they would be locked up and stopped from doing it.

We cannot and will not judge what the Earth itself will do or will say.  The Earth will speak for itself.  Not through us, but when it is ready it will speak in it’s own time and it’s own place and it’s own pace.  But in the meantime, we wish you to consider what it could accuse all human life of having done to it and rightly so.

For it’s water ways, it’s life paths have been totally and utterly polluted, polluted by the uncaring attitude of human kind.  In some areas as you well know the lakes are poisoned, the rivers are poisoned, the ground is poisoned and that in many ways was deliberate.  It wasn’t even uncaring, you couldn’t even allow that to sway the judgement because it is not so.

Human beings have gone out to knowingly pollute to destruction those areas without any care apart from power and greed in all the forms that factor in all of this, is that there are sufficient human beings who do not know what they are causing, what they are creating and the affect that it is having upon others.

Most human beings are prepared to accept that there is air around that they breathe in, that there are radio waves and many, many other waves, telephone waves and microwaves which they cannot see, but under no circumstances are they prepared to accept that there are other beings inhabiting at the same time as them because it does not suit their purpose or their awareness.  Isn’t this strange, all these other waves, some created by man, some not, but they’re all that are around there because they can read them.  They believe they can utilise them.  They can have a benefit for themselves from drawing from  these things.

Do not they realise that the same thing is exactly the case when it comes to the Elements, to the Elementals, to the Earth.  For without any of them you will die, surely, quickly and probably in a less pleasant manner.  Draw away any one of these or even a part of them from the balance they are in now, the Earth will suffer.

Why, you may ask.  Why do they allow things to continue on as they are and there is a simple and true answer to this.  Because human beings are not the only ones who inhabit this Earth.  There are many creatures, albeit that many are now disappearing, being lost forever.  So be it.  That is the nature of things, but not at the rate of which they are going now.  But it is for these beings, these creatures, these plants, fish, birds, animals, insects, for these and these alone that the Elementals strive to maintain a balance.

But this main balance cannot be maintained forever unless there is a dramatic and unswerving attention to their plight and the assistance to enable them to move back to their proper work, to having their balance, their harmony.  They have worked with humans for so long it has gone totally into the mists of time when humans were no more than whisps upon the hillside, before they became as dense and as physical as they are now.

But this maybe should be the next step in our talk.  Not today, yes we could go on and on for hours and hours and build and build and build and we do understand that once in it is so much easier to continue but there has to be respect for the person who is voicing this, for their ability to be able to continue on and on and if this is not respected then that person’s ability will wane and they will no longer be effective.  Do we not see a parallel.  Of course we do but with that in mind we will wait now until step two.

Thank you.

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