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The Green Man – The Development of humanity

Good morning again, right so we have taken a few steps so far have we not and we started to paint the picture of the evolvement or as we would prefer it, the development of humanity.  Humanity would have it as an evolvement, we obviously would believe it to be totally opposite, because you have already so far as we have taken you, lost so much of your true beings.

Already you have lost the awareness of your source, any comprehension of why you are here, anywhere, it doesn’t matter.  Why you are what you are has been taken away from you and this is wrong.  As we have said so many times that it would appear that we are harping on it, this is the perfect manipulation.

Look at those programmes you watch on the TV of these people who have been brain washed.  The Stockholm Syndrome and many others, where having being abused  for so long, the abusee (you) becomes totally reliant upon the abuser (them) and in the process everything that was you, you personally, has been taken.  Right, gone – not forever, but gone as far as you know.

What does this then bring in.  It brings in a big black hole in each and everyone of you.  You may or may not be aware of it.  It brings in a hunger, it brings in a thirst for information about what has gone.  You know it’s not there, you don’t know what it is, but you know it’s missing and that’s the reality of it.  That’s what a big black hole is, suddenly everythings sucked out and there’s nothing to replace it.  We’re not talking astronomically, although it is close enough, we’re talking about the loss of the being, the potential loss of your true selves.

As we’ve said, what does this leave?  What does this bring in, what does it create? Religion my friends, Religion.  There is this yearning that went back for many millenia, many millennia to try and find what is missing.  A fervent imagination will create many things and does.  The desire to find out what has been taken creates a wonderful opportunity for manipulation and control in all it’s forms and this in many ways is what happened.

And yet there were still those who had their finger, not on the pulse but reasonably close, those who still worked within the Elemental Regions.  We’re not saying we’re perfect.  We’re not saying anything of the sort, what we are saying is that we were and still are much closer to what you would term the Godhead and the source than certainly what you are and that is not judgemental, it is fact, nothing more, nothing less.

And so many religions were evolved basically from looking around, seeing what was going on and this was still the connection that we had with you, that you could work with the seasons, that you could work astronomically through the year, that you could work astrologically through the year and did so.

So you looked at the stars, you followed their paths.  You looked at yourselves, you looked at the seasons, you looked at the crops growing.  You learnt that it took heat, it took water and the wind.  It took Earth in order for each of them to become their greatest possible potential.  The crops, that is that without any of those they would surely whither and die.

And for a long while you were able to keep that link with us, not as strongly as it should be because even then you were not the fine beings that you had been.  You could not in general see us.  Maybe if you listened carefully on the wind or looked in the flames, along the reflections of the water you could see an image of us, but it was getting fainter and those who had manipulated saw this happening.

They saw a great potential for even more harvesting of that, that they wanted. And so they started to seed information, apart from the carrot and suddenly these wonderful, wonderful opportunities for expansion on things that were somewhat more esoteric.

But the powers that be looked down and were horrified at what they had seen.  They had created a beautiful being as we have said before, a beautiful world that has now become controlled like a robot, and so in there wisdom, their infinite wisdom, they started to send beings that would hopefully open the eyes of those around them to what was going on.

Sometimes these were seen as Mages, sometimes as Gods, sometimes as beings, human beings sent from Gods.  We have not touched upon Christianity yet, this happened long before, many, many times and each time the light may have been lit for a short time, but it would burn out with all that was going on around for even then as we get into the more and more powerful Atlantean times, human beings were being offered what appeared to be so many gifts.

Magnificent buildings, that you forget that for so long you had no need for buildings.  Vastly superior forms of transport to even what you have now and yet you forgot that you never needed transport.  You could just be there, you could just project yourself.  You were what you wewre.

You were given credits which become money to spend on things, which were there but for so long you’ve not needed.  you forgot that you had no need of clothes, no need of food.  You could live with all that was around.  You never looked at a cow, or a lamb, or a calf, or a pig, or a chicken, or a  duck or anything and saw it as food.  You saw it as being a beautiful, beautiful being that it was upon this earth.  There for it’s own purpose and the purpose of others, but not for you to eat it.

But by now of course you’re housed, you’re clothed, you fee, you travel and all of it created for as we say – manipulation.

You take a human being, you throw them in a dungeon, you take away every one of their rights, freedom, food, whatever it may be – in the long run if you give them a glimmer of hope they’re going to dance to your tune are they not.  You better tell them what to do and they’re going to do it because by now not only have they been manipulated into the densest form possible but here the fear starts to come in.

Fear we will tie in with the time when we say about the payback, the cost as we have promised you already.

But by now the fear has come in.  The fear of death and yet death was nothing if indeed it took place, which it certainly did not in the very early times.  There was no need for it.  There was no need for re-incarnation or anything of the sort.  That only came with the denseness and the adjustments that were ever steadily taking place.

But fear was a food and succour, the need for those who manipulated.

So suddenly you are offered something to maintain your physical body because the fear of death is so great by now, it has been drilled into you that it is not the place to go, that it is to be avoided at all costs.

Priests, Priestesses arise, they start to talk to the masses in Atlantis.  They start to talk and offer a form of hope.  Interestingly, not all of what is said is incorrect as you well know and as we have discussed often, the greatest lie, the strongest, the most effective lie is the one that is 90, 90% truth.  But you still keep them from the truth by that ten or five percent that has been adjusted and that is exactly what happened.

Do you blame the priests, t he priestesses.  Not really.  They received it from their masters, from the ones that they communicated with thinking that they were the Godhead.  They were given the information and so it was passed down.  In all the time, all the time, the population is becoming denser.

We haven’t even yet touched on the achievements of Atlantis or it’s decline or what happened afterwards as it split up, not just physically and why.  There for next time Wednesday we think are we correct okay.  We are going to leave it at that now.

It has been an interesting morning, but we battled, we overcame, it may be a little bit disjointed but of course the one thing we can learn and garner from this is that when such things go on (a) those who create them, those who drive by in noisy vehicles slowly, those who make lots and lots of noise who are, here we go again not so bad by an means, those who make lots of noise, banging, crashing, are no more than pawns.  They cannot be blamed, they are just being used and manipulated and they wouldn’t even know it.

But the interesting thing about all this is why it has to happen.  If what we are saying is so way off the planet, why are they doing everything possible tomake it as difficult for us as can be.

There has to be a reason, a fear there because if there was no fear they wouldn’t bother, but when we all start getting closer and closer to the truth then and then these sorts of things happen we know we’re getting somewhere and that’s the good thing about all of this, we are getting somewhere.

We may appear to wander and we do, as you know there is so much we could go off at so many different tangents, so many different angles and we do, but slowly, surely we will follow our path for  it is the path that is important, that what has happened to humans and to the elementals in the meantime is vital.

We have withdrawn further and further, you have become denser and denser and the two paths have become so far apart already that there is hardly any possibility of acknowledgment and it is going to get worse as we go on for we haven’t even got to the last 20,000 years yet and there is plenty to talk about in that time.

Okay, enough, more than enough for today, we will talk to you on Wednesday.

Thank you

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