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The Green Man – The manipulations and the consequences

Well Beloved Ones, we are now coming to the interesting part.  We have had our division and we are left with those upon the Earth, still a split in some ways but in others very, very similar for suddenly those who could have find they’re no longer able to move through the various levels, the Realms, barring during the meditation, for they too have taken on the cloak of physicality.

Still not quite as dense in body matter as you all are now, but moving closer.  A body that now is ripe for manipulation.  A body that now looks for it because it had this carrot dangled in front of it.  In it’s ear has been whispered “you are the Masters, you are the King, you are the God, all is yours – take what you wish, no consequences, no responsibility.”

Is that not even more relevant now.  You look around you – It’s not your fault, it’s not your fault that the Earth in many ways is dying and the air is suffering and the water is polluted.  It’s not your fault.  Blame the governments, blame the parents, never, ever take responsibility.

For that was whispered, there is no responsibility.  You don’t need to take responsibility they said, you take what you want.  It’s yours for the taking. Do not consider the consequences.  Never believe that there can be a come back, that there will be a time of repayment.  But of course Beloved Ones, there always is.  There always will be.  There must.

The one thing you poor creatures have to learn is that you live in a world of balance.  The Universe is in balance.  Now having said that, it will fluctuate of course it will, it will move, it doesn’t just say perfectly as it was, anymore than you do.  Things fluctuate and in their fluctuations comes the opportunity for those who are aware to grow, to feel the changes, to see what’s going on, to use that Inner Being, that Inner Voice, the part that grabs you.  The part that talks to you.  The part that cries to you.  To use it and say, what is right and what is wrong.

For as you know with so many religions you are promised perfection.  Why would you be here if you are perfect.  What is there to achieve.  Perfection is a long, long, long way away upon your journeys, for they are all journeys of exploration, of finding out who you are.  What you are.  Why you are, all these, where you come from, where you’re going.  All of this and so many others and if you live in perfection that would not be the case and neither would you grow.

Yet in all these things there has to be a balance and there has to be a balance when you do something wrong.  There has to be an atonement at some time, at some place.  It’s usually called Karma, totally misunderstood, grabbed on by the quasi mystics, utilised by the manipulators and yet it has to be there for without it you cannot expand your being.  You cannot expand yourself.  You cannot grow.  You cannot become your potential.

And so all these voices whispered – take what you will, take what you wish, and yet there was still those who questioned and queried.

Much has been said about the times that moved into the Atlantean era, so called now, much was true, much was false.  They were very advanced but not through the humans own abilities but through the carrots that were dangled in front of them and even then there were very few that asked why. Why are we being given these carrots, what’s the ultimate payback?  What are they going to get?

Now there are those beings who are genuinely and totally philanthropic if you like.  They give for the pleasure of giving.  They help for the pleasure of helping, but believe us, the ones who have now got their claws into you are never philanthropic, never likely to be.  There was an agenda, there has always been an agenda, one that would horrify in the main, for the majority of people to be aware of.

The Agenda of Soul Harvesting

Today is not the day to move into that too deeply for it will take one talk on it’s own, so we will pocket that one away for a later date, for in all that we say, you should be questioning –why, why, why, why for what reason? In doing so you will sharpen your minds.  You will sharpen your awareness and your beliefs and you will get in touch with that part inside of you, that beautiful, special, important magical part which will say, yes, that is right or no, that is wrong and once you have learnt to trust that, my friends you will have grown. Oh yes you will have grown, you will have grown exponentially, your awareness will have increased dramatically.

And so we come back, we say why have we given you an answer but we have not filled in that answer? That we will do as we say at a later date, because using one of your sayings.  There are no free meals, not with this lot, anyway no such thing as a free lunch.

They have their agendas to what they need, but they knew by now because of the manipulation they had created, the quickest, fastest, most effective, strongest way to get you hooked, to get you to do what they wanted you to do and this is to become so embroiled in physicality, to become so wrapped up in all the little bits of merchandise that tantalise you.  The phones, television everything.

But what you are doing is letting go even more of your Soul, your Spiritual Inner Being, that you are less and less and less aware of it, that it becomes easier to take from you.  Easier to pry and Beloved Ones that is not normally true, it is an impossibility unless you decide to give it.   Would you trade your soul for the latest electronic gadget and the next big TV screen.  We hope not and yet that is what you are doing.

How does this affect us, us in the Elemental Realms, for it may appear that we have walked well away from that track at the moment but we have not, because not only have you lost control of your Souls, not only are you prepared to give them away for whatever purpose, but your awareness and  what is around you becomes less and less and less and we are even more immaterial.

Without us, your Earth will not live.  No heat and it will freeze to death.  No Air, it will suffocate.  No Water it will die of thirst.  Poison the Earth and there is but nothing.  And that is the way it is going at the moment.  Not only are you giving away your souls, you are giving away our birthright and you have no right to do that.  It is not yours to give.  It never was and it never will be. And yet you freely give it because you have been told that there are no responsibilities.  There are no comebacks, no problems and when the time is right PAYMENT WILL BE TAKEN.

That time is not too far away.  Forget all these spaceships that are going to come, take you away and all of this.  It’s not going to happen.  Whoops, and now we will have another thousand channellers either agreeing or disagreeing.  At the moment apparently they are all on the ‘lets take them up into the skies to another world” – oh come on, as you Anne and Roger discussed, if you had a disease knowingly would you intentionally under normal circumstances take it to a disease free area.  Of course not, you would eradicate the disease first, right.

And yet all these little beings, we are sorry for saying that because they’re not.  They’re mighty, they are strong and they are beautiful.  They have a wonderful potential but let’s put them in the contex as where we see them at the moment.  All these little beings believe that they have no responsibility.  They can destroy, there is no comeback.  There is no recall.

It is not their fault, their problem.  No it is the government.  It’s the peer pressure.  It’s the families.  Link those in together.  Link what’s being said, what’s being done.  Look at the individuals, see what they’re being taught and then decide it what we’re saying is true or not.

Going to leave it at that.  it may not have seemed much of a step along the pathway of history and yet it is, because it sets the next pattern that has been taking place for so long and has now become so entrenched that it will take an awful lot to remove it.

Okay until next time, the next step.  Good bye


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