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The Green Man – The migration from Atlantis

And so we have a situation whereby Atlantis is split into two and the aware ones are leaving.  Let us just briefly cover what happened to Atlantis after that.

It’s foundation had been split in two and it opened up many cracks and fissures over the coming thousands of years, so that slowly as this happened, two became four, became eight, became multiple until it was just tiny islands dotted around. Some of which contrary to popular belief, still survive throughout the Gulf of Mexico and it is interesting that here you have the split, you have the beautiful islands and you have the evil island and islands.

Haiti is a prime example of what went wrong and what happened when the Power Beings decided there was nothing more to be had in  these instances and left the locals to their own devices and you see where they stay now and the trouble that they are in.

So yes, this was all part of the great continent that was Atlantis and basically now is no more.  Obviously many died, the various upheavals, but many others survived and moved on.

Elementals, many do not have that ability, surprised as it may seem.  Once we are locked into an area that if you like is our family, that is where we stay.  And this is one of the major problems that has come through right to the current time, that as our areas are destroyed and stripped and contaminated, we cannot pick our bags up and go elsewhere.  We cannot go and find new fresh green pastures.  We suffer and die with the trees, with the soil, with the water that is there.  A fact that maybe you are not aware of and so this happened also in Atlantis.

But as we know right now our story although in the long run is about us, is bringing through the various ages until the current time, concentrating very much on the periods that created both our demise and the demise of the human beings ability to think and act for itself.

So as has already been said, manyof them, by then many of the beings in charge obviously were well and truly aware of what was happening to the continent that they had destroyed and they moved further afield.  South America, yet to be discovered, North America, way up – Scandanavia, Africa, in Egypt and the Far East, there once again to continue on, but in particular they chose three major areas.  Egypt and the two in South America and it was in these that they concentrated their experiments, their work and carried on because they could not ever stop.

Others decided it was time for a change, for a freshness with a new approach and so they left those islands, they obviously had to follow on many aspects into the same continents and right across and through and around the world.  But it is from these that you get the Celtic base, the Basque, the Druids and many others, but these are the ones the Westerners tend to be aware of.

And they set up their colonies, many of them linking in with each other telepathically around the world, having made this agreement before they left and knowing how to do it and they decided that what had happened should never happen again and they would do all in their abilities to stop if from once more repeating itself.

In their wisdom they saw also what was happening and decided that the best opportunities lay in once more contacting the other beings that resided on and within the earth and we do say within not just on, with the hope and the intent of working with them, bringing about once again the form of harmony that had been experienced prior to the uprising of Atlanta and the Atlantic in saying if you like, the power base.

So things like Stonehenge were built, standing stones, anything that would connect them into the power of the earth.  Now do you hear what we are saying, the power of the earth.  They were not sign posts for celestial beings, sure they worked very much with what happened on the earth.  You think about it, the Solstices, the line ups for those, especially the Winter on which showed the renewal coming along after that day.

That although is utilised, the sun was an earth thing and all of these were designed with this in mind to communicate with the energies that had abounded for so long which now they felt had deserted them and in truth that was very much the case.  And for some time as the humans divested themselves of their heavy cloak of physicality and became more mentally able to communicate.

We talk about that cloak, it was not, it was a cloak within the being, they were just as physical as you are now but they were a lighter being in themselves.  Okay you understand that.

And so they were able once more to start to communicate with us.

And what do we get.  We get the stories of the ‘little people’ in Ireland, a beautiful, beautiful country.  The ‘gnomes’ from Germany and on we go, and on we go, many more because once again they recognised who we were.  What we were and there was a renaissance in our contact and at this time we all thought that maybe things had changed.  Maybe things were going to get better.  Maybe they were going to improve.  But that’s the next story, we will leave it there.

Good bye

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