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The Green Man – The tales of the early times

It is the Green Man here today – This is our tale of the early times, for we were upon this Earth even then, creating the vibrancy, the beauty and the energy and the power of the volcanoes.  You cannot understand the beauty of it all.  The majestic creations that were being made from with the Earth itself and from on the surface by the likes of us.

The place was verdant in many areas and others totally barren but beautifully balanced.  The oceans were changing, they were becoming ever more what you know them to be now only much more than what they are now.  A living vibrant birth place for so many creatures, but man did not crawl from those waters contrary to what you are told, for we were there.  Mankind was seeded by another from another place.

The finest gossamer, the most timid of beings at the time.  They flipped from tree to tree.  They would find each other.  They would band together and slowly they would start to evolve.  We had the finest of communications with them then for they understood our realm, they understood our work and our needs and in all ways were they prepared to help and even where necessary to sacrifice in order that the Earth would become the finest possible.

For they were aware of the beauty and the uniqueness of the Earth itself, of the creatures which were being laid upon the shore and within the oceans.  Of all that was taking place.  Of the creation of so much, of so many and in all of this the vibrations within and around the earth until it shone like a perfect jewel and in it’s own universe, exactly as it was and should be.

No wonder it was deemed the place where the Godhead or Gods would roam, where they would do their finest work, where they would create their finest beings and so they did and so you were and so all things at that time lived in harmony.  Of course some were born to feed upon others, this is life.  Some were prey, some were hunters, but the beauty was that all lived in perfect balance.

Until that fateful time when creatures from another realm came a calling and decided that what they saw was not what they wished for.  There may have been perfection here, but the perfection was not of their making or of their desire.  It was an anathema.  They spoke, they discussed and worked out that here they could lay their plans.   Here they could manipulate, for the beings which were even then the forerunner of human kind, showed possible signs of looking beyond, wanting more, wanting something different and that could be manipulated.

And although they had perfection, if you like we can talk about this as being the Garden of Eden for this is where these stories come from, the stories they are and stories they’re not, for there is seeded within them great mounds of truth along with allegory, along with dreaming and wishes, but they saw eminating from mankind a desire to know more.   For the one thing the gods had not given them is the opportunity for the growth and stimulation of the beautiful perfect brain that had been given to the creatures known as mankind, which were ever forming and so the manipulations began albeit very early on.  Minor little things.  You can relate this to your own lives, to what you see going on around you.

It is much, much more effective to make a little tweak here and a little tweak there if you have the time, and they had the time, than it is to attack the item with a hammer and beat it into submission for it is far more effective if human kind believe that what has happened, what is going on within is their own creation.  Their own exploration.  Their own knowledge.  Their own belief, for then it will take them further and further and further.

As they grew more dense and truly Beloved Ones, they were not dense at that time, they could still pass through a tree, or a rock, nothing was their boundary for their vibrations were so fine, so beautiful that nothing stood in their way until one day the manipulation, the new knowledge had grown to such a level that suddenly they found the tree pushed back.  The rock stopped their progress and by now it was far too late.

Some had not got to that level and from here stories of the Inner Earth, of Lemuria start to form as mankind still had a path to follow.  Now, it was beginning to see itself not in harmony with, but greater than.  More important than, more effective than all that was around. It began to see itself on a level with the Gods, with the Earth itself and so began the real slide to humanity as it is known today.

We will leave it at that, it is a long story, so much to tell.  We will continue on later.   Thank you

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