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How to Channel

How to Channel

Please note that under no circumstances do I suggest that you try channeling.  The information given below is given so that you have an idea of the lengths I go to ensure both the validity of the contact, the genuineness of the message and my own personal safety.


To channel can be a minefield, there are many ways things can go wrong but I find if I follow certain procedures and rules these help me to ensure the validity of the source and the safety (for me) of the contact.

I approach it as I do my physical life and well being.  There are three basic needs plus additional ones:

The three basic needs are –

  1. Protection
  2. Spiritual Cleanliness
  3. Spiritual Healthiness

Channeled information can come from many different levels, one of course hopes that what is provided comes directly from the highest possible source but in fact this cannot be the case.  It would be like trying to connect into the power supply straight off the grid into your house without it being transformed into a safe level. If you tried that then everything electrical that was connected would be destroyed and there would be the potential for a catastrophic fire.

The same sort of problem would happen if we tried to make a direct contact with our ‘true source’ whose energies are so much greater than ours, so normally there are a number of step downs in energy before it becomes safe to tap into it and although it is possible that information may come from the Source it would be remarkable if it had not gone through a number of step down processes in between.

How some information is received:

Possibly there are as many levels of channelling as there are of being i.e. infinite – I don’t know the answer but I always want to make sure that those I link with can be trusted.  This trust works two ways i.e if a “being” fronts up wanting to be heard then I make sure that they are genuine in their source and intent.

A relevant point here is about the information received from those people we have known in a physical life who have passed over.  We have various forms of bodies and when we leave our physical body we move to the astral level and then again we move on from there, leaving behind an astral body and it is this body that can often be the link that is made in the spiritualist contact.

This astral body will have retained the information garnered throughout a life but has no greater knowledge than the being had when it left it’s physical state, residing in the astral and moving on and leaving behind an astral body that will break down and disintegrate just like the physical body, but for a time it carries all that information which can readily be extracted from it just like an echo.

In other words if it’s Uncle Joe that passed over then the info received from the astral plane from Uncle Joe is no more than what Joe took with him when he passed so any additional information required from that level and that contact should be treated with suspicion.

Dubious sources and their effects:

Lower level energies i.e from the astral are quite often those that are summoned during séances or the ouija-board.  I can give a personal experience of this and the damage it can cause.  A young women, the best friend of my girlfriend at the time was about 20, beautiful and with the world ahead of her when she got married.  We were invited over to a meal in their new home not long after the marriage, but in the previous couple of weeks she had taken to experimenting with the Ouija-board and already it had become an obsession.  After our dinner she wanted to play with the board that evening and I was interested to study the energies involved, but quickly realised their potential for danger to us and so turned the glass over stopping the séance.

Prior to this the contact energies had made their displeasure well and truly known when they were told this was going to happen.  Within 6 months this young woman had lost her beauty, some of her friends, and the potential loss of her marriage.  Our friendship did not continue on so I do not know the final outcome.  The point here is that not all energies that are out there waiting to be contacted are benevolent.


I make a practice of challenging my contacts every time because things are not always what they initially appear to be.  Just as there are manipulations going on at all times on the physical plane by powers that do not have your wellbeing at heart – the same can be said on the spiritual plane, so I am always careful both of the source and what is said.

Preparing to Channel:

Firstly when I prepare to channel I sit in a quiet and meditative state, mentally cleansing both my astral and spiritual bodies, after that I draw in white light to fill my various bodies.  I will never channel if I feel unwell in anyway, have been reading/watching something violent or negative, or have been in any form of conflict and most definitely after having an alcoholic beverage.

If one moves into a meditative state in such conditions it is an excellent opportunity for base energies/forces to make contact and once in they are hard to move.  I also make a practice of challenging whoever comes through every time whether I think I know them or not.

Protection & Psychic Shock:

If I am in a deep meditative state the last thing I want is to be shaken out of it and I do everything I can to make sure this doesn’t happen i.e take the phone off the hook, mute mobile phones and do everything possible to ensure there are no unwanted interruptions.

An idea of psychic shock if you have never experienced it is to realise that it is in many ways similar to that falling sensation that one sometimes experiences in that state just before fully going to sleep, only the jolt at the end is a lot worse. Your psychic and physical being can really be negatively affected for some time.

We used to attend some regular meetings/classes and there were are least two occasions when the owner of the place noisily barging into a room where a channelling was taking place, not only did she come in shouting loudly she also brought her dog in and all of this clearly disturbed the channeller, but the one who caused the problems appeared to have no comprehension as to the effect she was having,  showing no respect for the people that were involved and yet she was viewed as being well versed in these matters.

It was bad enough when it happened to a world famous channeller who was in a trance state, but much worse for a young woman who was trying to channel for the first time ever in front of a group, it resulted in a bad jolt to her confidence and abilities.

Cleanliness –Spiritual & Physical:

Both channeling and healing require not just a strong mental health but physical health as well.  I make a practice of washing my hands before and after healing, it is a good mental stimulant to remove any residual energies.  On occasions one can get into a situation where you are healing more than one person and certainly I don’t want to transfer the energies from the first to the second etc or to have them end up on me.

Also if I ever use crystals in any form of healing or spiritual contact I make sure these have been cleansed prior to being used and afterwards.  I normally find that washing them or leaving them in sunlight is sufficient.

Always at the end of a channeling I run through my various bodies to make sure no residue has been left.


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