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Channelings, Elementals, Spiritual Expansion

Our Journeys

We seem to have two different types of journey’s – those that started out as nothing more than a normal holiday that becomes something special when we are drawn to a particular area/energy.

Other trips have been taken specifically for ‘spiritual’ purposes, both types can end up being exciting, stimulating and even a little dangerous on occasions, but never dull.

I mentioned dangerous and sometimes when travelling into regions/countries and when there into realms where sometimes we are drawn, this can happen, so one always has to be careful.  Be prepared and remember there is no shame in backing out of a situation you cannot control, after all to lose one lifetime is no more than that, to lose or greatly endanger one’s soul is a very different matter.

Please enjoy our experiences that we can share with you and we are looking forward to many more.

You can read more about them by clicking on the ‘Our Journeys’ link  in the categories section in right hand column below or by clicking here.

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