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The first time Anne and I visited Glastonbury was in 1988 we had a limited amount of time so it was rather rushed.  Had a look around the time which was fascinating in a time warp way and then onto the Ramala Centre that was operating at that time.  A quick chat and a look at their superb meditation room and then the Tor called.

Being late September the nights were drawing in so by the time we walked around the path and climbed it to the tower it was getting dark but luckily it was a moonlit night

From up there looking down over the surrounding countryside and the town itself, what was fascinating was the two enormous leys that crossed in the town.  The major east/west one was at least half a kilometre wide and the north/south about half the size.  One was also able to see both the ‘Serpent Energy’ and a strong Feminine energy held beneath the town, either having been placed there or were drawn there by the exceptional power that these crossed leys created.  Both seemed to be in a state of semi-dormancy but waking ever so slowly.

At that time the Chalice Well was not signposted but the conclusion was that doubtless it would be at the very centre of where the two leys crossed which was not exactly where the ruined Abbey lays.  From the top of the Tor you could get a pretty good idea of exactly where the well was below us.  Walking down we found it where expected but at that time it was a rather unremarkable place and a small flow of water.

The really interesting thing was the dormant energies waiting to awaken.

Our visit in 2009 was very different we knew that we needed to travel there shortly before we flew out of the UK back to Australia in talks with our Spiritual Friends we had agreed on a particular day and that about 5 pm would be the perfect time to climb the Tor to carry out our work and as this was June we would have no problems with daylight.

We drove into Glastonbury earlier in the afternoon and set about looking for a parking spot.  Car parks in the centre of the town were not going to work, we couldn’t walk from these, climb the Tor and return in the limited parking time available.  Like so many British towns car parking is at a premium, the only suitable place is to park in the forecourt of business that was close to the beginning of the climb.

They catered for people like us but the gates closed at 5pm so there was little option apart from starting early.  As soon as we were walking up the path the storm that had been threatening broke and in a couple of minutes we were soaked.  The crows that greeted us with a raucous chorus peeled away, leaving just one who stayed with us to the top.  Somewhere above the clouds that were just kissing the top of the Tor a helicopter was circling but we never saw it.

Not easy conditions for us to carry out the work that was required but we did and clambered back down and by 5pm the storm had gone and taken the rain with it leaving an early summer sun shining once again and two very wet people.

With Glastonbury, I love it, we love it.  Going there finding the energies which are fantastic but so intense, unfortunately far too intense for us to consider living there. We seem to tune into the finer more nebulous energies and living in or around Glastonbury would be like being at a huge rock concert with all the noise and everything going on around you but trying to listen to one frail voice only, it wouldn’t work.

Long may it stay in a time warp and long may it not be affected by all the energies that go on around it.






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