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Margaret River, Western Australia

Margaret River, Western Australia

We used to camp near Margaret River fairly close to the beach. The camping site was off a rarely used dirt track only accessible by 4WD. One day the local park ranger came by and told us about this beautiful grotto in the next valley close to the original house built by the Bussel Family after whom the town of Busselton was named.

At that time it was a spot really difficult to get to by vehicle so we walked over the hills to find it. We found the grotto and were sitting there meditating when a young lady in an old fashioned white dress appeared. So we talked for a while and she was saying that she found the area so beautiful and peaceful that she didn’t want to leave.

Normally when in such a situation I would offer to help the ‘spiritual being’ relinquish their worldly links and move on. Sometimes the offer was taken, on this occasion she declined.

As we continued our chat we could hear a 4WD drive grinding over a very rough track coming in from the west of the house but we couldn’t see it. Heard it stop and 4 car doors banged closed. Suddenly a loud male voice said, “I used to come here as a child and play and it was haunted.” I guess to this day it still is, but maybe easier access has made her rethink her options as I’m sure the peace and tranquillity of the spot have been lost.


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