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Pemberton – Western Australia

Pemberton – Western Australia

Close to Pemberton a lodge that had a bit of history to it opened it’s doors to tourists.  Apparently the previous occupants had been part of the residue of the Rajneeshee’s (remember them).

Apart from the lodge a new section of hotel/motel units had been built a short distance away down by the trout lake, a magnificent spot surrounded by huge Karri trees.  Anne and I were amongst some of the earliest guests to stay there and were having dinner when we met up with this couple and shared a table.  He was there to do a media review on the property.

An excellent meal, good wine and conversation ended up being told that they understood the older lodge was reputed to be haunted.  So later at night the four of us decided to go on a ghost hunt so we all tumbled into the car and drove up the dirt track which was shrouded in mist, a good start to a ghost hunt.  The lodge is quite large and was dimly lit and as there was nobody staying in it and presumably due to our new ‘friends’ media position we were given permission to go through it.  It was two stories high with a large atrium area and rooms on both floors surrounding it.

His lady who had made it very plain that she didn’t believe in ghosts wanted to explore on her own leaving the three of us.  I moved off quietly on my own to assess the situation and yes there were spirits there.  It was a group of women and men and I think some children, possibly twelve to fifteen in total being led by a young woman of about twenty.  She told me they had perished in a ship wreck of which there had been many on that coast.  Looking at their clothing I would think they were probably ‘steerage passengers’, ie the ones that paid the least.

Whilst I was communicating with the spirits Anne also was exploring on her own and she found it quite an unsettling experience, maybe because it was filled with shadows due to the lack of lighting and when going into one room that was probably used for meetings she couldn’t get out fast enough.

The other two came back at this time and this broke the connection.  So we went searching for the young lady who had gone off on her own at that time.   I believe we went through every room but there was no sign of her.  Just as we were getting really concerned after 30 minutes she appeared on a balcony above us in a dishevelled state, her hair was actually standing on end.  She refused to talk about her experience.

The next morning she was too ill to join us for breakfast.

Some important points here:

Don’t play with the spirit world especially if you have been drinking.  I should have known and did know better having been in a similar situation once before.

Be careful especially if you do not know what you are doing and if you are alone.

The energies in this place were quite benign just imagine what they would have been like if they had been malevolent.


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