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Stonehenge & Avebury

Stonehenge & Avebury

I find Stonehenge a fascinating place because I get absolutely nothing from it.  With many places I feel the drawing/calling of them up to 30 minutes before getting there depending on their energy levels.  With Stonehenge – nothing – either before or even being on site.  Obviously others do, but maybe the energies that emanate from that site do not resonate with me.

Now Avebury is a totally different matter, it calls from many miles/kilometres away and just as with some other sites I don’t need a map or GPS to find it.   All that is needed is to follow the energy flow.

Avebury is alive, so alive, one puts one’s hands on the individual stones and they talk and with the talking comes vibration as though they are linked to the Earth itself (as I’m sure they are) and the messages come from that being.  Some stones vibrate more than others but the overall feeling of the place is so in tune with me that it takes a major effort to leave.  The fact that it is dissected by a busy road seems to make no difference to it’s energies, if anything they are enhanced by the division.

Of all such similar structures this is the one I love the most.





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