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Our Lady – Truth – What is Truth?

Our Lady  –  Truth – What is Truth?

Truth –

What is Truth?  It is like a many faceted diamond, you can look at it from all directions and still it will shine with purity and light.  One can also say that Truth, just like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, when you are ready it will come forth.  And yet for many Truth is like that thing waiting on the periphery of your vision, never quite in focus, glimpsed and gone away, just like so many wraiths. 

Pure Truth –

It is unlikely that any of us could be in it’s presence, for it’s purity and intensity would burn us into nothingness as we stand, either physically or spiritually – we are not ready.  Will we ever be? Well that is the hope and plan.  So if we say that Pure Truth is beyond our reach and comprehension at the moment.   Does that decry the truth that we are able to reach out and grasp?  No indeed it does not, the only thing about that truth is that as you grow or change, so can it.

The Truth about your world when you were a child is dramatically different to what it is now, you have grown and changed.  So has your awareness of right and wrong, of Truth, of being.  Truth comes to us when we are ready for it.  It comes in many forms, many guises, many shapes, and as said quite often it lurks in the shadows waiting for one to make that extra special little effort to find it and when you do it’s like the purest of gems.   It burns brightly within, it’s self sustaining, it does not extinguish, it is alive, you can hold it, you can work with it, you can take it within, you can admire it, but please do not worship it.

So how do you know Truth?  Isn’t that exactly what we’ve just said, go through those steps then you’ll know the Truth.  It is not the same for everyone, it varies, just as you grow and others change, so it changes with you, but hopefully always for the better not for the worse.

You can deny it, you can ignore it, you can try to eliminate it, you can try to control it, you can easily try to adjust it, but behind there is that kernel of Truth.

The real one waiting to come forth once more.  It never dies, it lives, it lives within your heart, it lives around you waiting for you once more to undo those many curtains.  As each pair is pulled to the side, the light gets brighter.  You get more excited, you’re on your Quest.  Half Truths, quarter Truths, whatever will no longer have an effect upon you because now you have connected in to that very special part that is you.

Shall we call it The Truth Finder, and you’re going to go ahead and in doing so you’re going to make your life, physical and spiritual, as full and as bright and as positive as it can be.

Go forth and achieve, it’s there waiting for you, it really is one of your best friends, one that will never deny you.




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