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Our Lady – The December Solstice – 12.12.2012

Our Lady – The December Solstice – 12.12.2012

The Lady’s there, she’s saying welcome on this longest day, this most auspicious of occasions as far as mankind is concerned or so they have led themselves to believe, correct?  Now we think you are now all getting the picture of what the End of Time means especially you two with the information you have been given. It is not the end of course, it is not what everybody jumped to the conclusion and expected it to be and it is far more a time of making a commitment and commitments towards your own salvation, towards your own efforts to make changes within yourselves, around you and beyond.

If enough people can get off dwelling about the end of world, end of life, the death bit and even just a fraction of them start committing themselves towards a new life, a renewed life, towards a life of purpose, of passion and we mean passion in the truest of senses.  If you can get enough of you to start to commit towards those things, then you can make the changes that are needed, you can go forward.  There is much riding on this, the Earth, those that are hers, you, your children, your great grandchildren, and way beyond, because right now, this time is a truly pivotal point of time, a point in being.  What you decide now will point where you are going.

It is though you are out on a vast ocean, Captain of a huge ship and you make the decision as to what heading you are going to take – right now and all those people that are on that ship with you, they’re in your hands and it is your responsibility to ensure that the heading you take is the right one.  So there is nothing different between that and what we’re talking about, between that and where you need to go, what you need to do.

For those that were waiting for the spaceships to come and pick them up, have they pulled their heads out of the sand yet?  Have they looked around to see they are exactly where they were before but with somewhat sun warmed, or winter cooled backside from having it stuck up in the air for so long?  Whatever you may think, this is not going to happen, not in the truest, most spiritual of forms, certainly not.

There is no end of time at this time.  There is no reprieve that allows you to hop from one planet to another and start again and take with you all the problems that you created here.  These things are not going to happen.  The one and only thing that must happen, needs to happen is for you to take responsibility.  You may be Gods children, you are not the Earth’s children, but you have been Gods children now long enough to start to grow up and to become responsible for yourselves.

There has been an upwelling for many years now of people, humans, turning round and saying, “it is not my fault, it is the governments fault, it is my parents fault, it’s my siblings fault, it’s the people down the end of the streets fault.”  All very convenient, all a great way of absolving oneself from the truth and what is reality.  You have used it for yourselves, you have used it for your children.  How many of you would truly look around now and put your hand up and say, ‘yes I am in part responsible for this.”  Very few we fear and yet all of you need to because whether you like it or not you had a hand in it.

21st December, 2012 is a time for change and if that makes it a new time, then so be it, it is, but it is a time for real change and that change has to take place in you.  Because only when you have decided that you are prepared to change, accept responsibility, to grow up and to become more like adults and rather than stupid little children, (and we do not demean ordinary children that way), we do mean the word “stupid” intentionally in this aspect.

When you are ready, the change has to come from you, nowhere else, just from you.  You don’t need spaceships, you don’t need churches, you don’t need candles or crystals – what you need you already have and that is an inner commitment deep within yourself.  If you like within your heart and wherever you feel this commitment should be.

If there was one good New Years resolution that you could make and one that you should stick to from here on, this is it, to change and improve things.  Not on a selfish basis, but on an inner basis that then allows you to show others what you are capable of and what they are if they so desire.

So a time of new, a time of change.  Are you ready for it?  Can you accept it, can you accept the responsibility?  Have you matured enough yet to be able to do that?  Or are you going to run around saying it is not my fault, I never caused this, I’m not responsible?  Because whether you like it or not you are.  There is a lot that needs to be changed, there is a lot that needs to be done, both on a personal basis and way beyond, for humanity, for the Earth, for those that are hers and even beyond that and it all hinges on you.  You are important.  You are special if for no other reason than this one.

So why not consider making that New Years resolution of inner and then outer change?  Of creating improvement, both within and without.  We can assure you that at the end, once you have done that and once you have started to see what can happen, you’ll become aware just what special beings you really are, how much power you do genuinely have and what you are capable of.

Why not try, give it a go, you’ve got nothing to lose by trying it, you’ve got everything to lose by not trying it?   So surely in that modern vernacular it is a ‘no brainer.’   Just once, sit down, tune in, tell yourself you want to change.  You want to change your outlook to yourself, you want to love yourself far more, you want to learn to love what’s around you.  You want to learn to love the Earth that supports you and you want to learn to love those from beyond who also support you.

It’s a very good first step.  Why not try it?  Then there are plenty more steps you can make afterwards.  What are they?  You learn step one, the steps beyond will come automatically.






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