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Our Spiritual Friends

Some of our Spiritual Friends have been physical before, some have not but all these friendships have been acquired over a long period of connection and various lifetimes.  Like the best of friends they waited until I was ready during this lifetime to reconnect with them so we could continue our work together.

So what we have is a group of energies working together for a common cause to help the Earth and us humans and other beings that rely on the Earth.  You could call it a committee but it is so much more than that, what we do get out of it is a wealth of information and not just from one individual point of view and interestingly depending on who supplies it, it comes in a masculine or feminine format.

Such strong links take a long time to form (time being an aspect that may or may not be relevant on spiritual levels but certainly is to us humans) from these links and the trust (on both sides) that have been formed comes a wealth of information and love.  It is from this grouping that the vast majority of the information we receive comes. There is and has been contact with some well known “names” at times, but always we have refused to name them unless they request otherwise.

We don’t always agree (do any friends) but we will challenge each other and hopefully come away the better from what we have learnt.  However it has never happened where I have substituted my beliefs over their information, in fact 99.99% of the time we are both comfortable and compatible with each other.

No names at times can cause problems so we define them in other ways.  It became a bit more difficult when apart from our usual group of friends, a similar group joined in from a parallel world – we were asked if it was okay before they joined and in fact it was a wonderful 2 years having them with us, but that’s another story and maybe if they agree, another book.

An area that has always been a major part of our interest is the Elemental Kingdoms and here we have forged strong bonds with them, to do so takes trust on both sides especially theirs with the way humans have treated them.  There were protocols to follow (which I will not disclose here) and a lot of time taken before they would trust and accept us, but they or rather their spokesbeings need to tell their side of things rather than the information coming from elsewhere.

We would suggest that contact with the Elemental Kingdoms is not something to be taken lightly especially for those who do not understand, these beings have been treated and are still being treated very badly by us.  They don’t trust us and have good reasons not to, tales of goblins etc, some mischievous and some malicious are not necessarily just fairy tales but formed from facts.  Gather sufficient knowledge and step carefully if you wish to visit these realms otherwise you are looking for trouble and will doubtless find it, but in the places that are their Kingdoms where they have the advantages.

They have been on this Earth as long as we have been connected with it and therefore have a lot to tell about what has happened and what is happening.

During our travels around the world we have met up with some fascinating Spiritual Beings and where possible these times will be documented in the Our Journeys Section however as always we need their permission to reproduce any information that has been given to them by us, but there are some fascinating tales to tell.

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