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Roger’s Ramblings #1

Roger’s Ramblings #1

When you’re young it is difficult if not nigh on impossible to understand that you probably see things in a different way to how your friends and family see them.  It is as though you are half a step or half a heart beat out of sync with others.  You find the way you look at the world and the people around you how they look at the world must be different because you find that you do not react in the same way they do in certain circumstances.  They may wish to run away but you want to go forward or vice versa, it is though you are always stepping away from the crowd and looking at things from a different perspective.

You move into your adolescence and this questing/questioning moves further into the background waiting at some time to be awakened, but the one thing you always know is that there is something that calls to you from your inner depths, something that demands your attention and that something seems to make you that little bit different from those around.

Like it or not it sets you apart therefore however hard you try to fight it is always there, that gap, that space.  It makes for a lonely different life in some ways, it is always there waiting for you to recognise it, to come to terms with it, to listen to it.  Is it your spirituality?  May be, but we all have that.  Does it make you feel superior?  Hopefully not, for that’s not what it’s about.  You meet people for the first time and you seem to view them in a different light to how others around you seem to see them.

What is this thing?  Well I’m certainly not adroit enough to explain it in words, maybe it can’t be put into words.  Is it physical?  No.  Is it religious?  Depending on your interpretation on religion, but I don’t think so.  It seems to be a link to the past, the long ago past, demanding recognition, it ebbs and flows but it is always there.

Later one looks back and becomes aware of the steps that have been taken to follow a path, a path that revolves around this feeling, this force.  I think this force is our destiny, it comes in many guises and for each individual it is different.  For some it comes earlier in life, others later.  For some it waits for another incarnation when hopefully at last it will be acknowledged.  It is there within us all, our guiding light and it has many ways of getting into our awareness, to lead us back to the path we need to be on.

Not a path to follow, for following implies that someone has taken that route before.  All of us have a different path no two are exactly the same so we do not follow, we create and our creation is our awareness and learning.  Initially we may follow a well beaten path, but in the long run ours is ours and ours alone.

Hopefully this book will provide a few markers on the early part of your journey enough to encourage you initially to take the first step and then the next.  The time will come when you are on your own but maybe by then you will have enough trust in your inner self to walk that path knowing that your greatest friend, your truest advocate and guide is with you and within you.  It has been available for a long time, now awakened and wants to work with you.

Good luck it will be a wondrous journey not always what you expected or probably hoped for, it is yours take it with your greatest friend, your inner self, go forward into the light.


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