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Roger”s Ramblings #2

Roger”s Ramblings #2

Fate is amazing.  Half a lifetime ago I was in a less than satisfactory situation and two things that I had spent so long nurturing were going nowhere barring backwards, my married life and my work.  To a casual observer everything would have looked good, a house just about paid off and a directorship/partnership in a company that was going places – but as already said things were not as they appeared.

A friend who worked for one of the other partners in the company mentioned he was going to attend some evening classes at TAFE, I said to him, “whatever you’re going to sign up for, please include me in it.”  So he signed up for meditation classes, this was before meditation became popular, in fact at the time I asked him what meditation was.

My first night there and I was a changed person so much of what I had encountered before, what I felt within came into focus and magically there were other people there with similar interests and experiences.  This night changed my whole life.  I had always had an interest in spiritual and occult matters, like many others I had seen things come about physically after previously been “aware” of what was going to happen.

Deja vu was not unusual, awareness of ‘ethereal beings’ was not unknown to me but on this evening I felt that I had at last come home to the real me and that now I could live life to the fullest at long last.  I remember over the next few months sampling so much and allowing my psychic awareness to blossom.   Auras became vibrantly alive, others peoples past and futures opened up to me, even seeing areas in some people’s bodies that needed healing, letting them know and getting a great deal of satisfaction when they were medically confirmed and cured.

One of the most fascinating was finding out I could tell very easily when people really lied, a red flash through the aura.

A few months of exploration, fun and games and then down to the hard work of helping others in these areas.  I don’t think we are given these gifts unless we are prepared to utilise them for good and to share them with others, hopefully for the good of all.

The next step was to start my own classes on meditation and relaxation at TAFE.  These along with private classes ran for some time and expanded into lectures on various items such as the Arthurian Period, Death and Dying and others.  These were stimulating times and I found I learned as much if not more than those who came along for the lectures.






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