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Rogers Ramblings #3

Rogers Ramblings #3

It has always surprised me how little “spiritual energy” I have been able to ascertain in Australia and New Zealand.  Spiritual Energy in these circumstances means the core energy of the place which is very different to an individual’s energy. This does not mean for one instance that there is no energy, far from it I’m sure but I think it has been locked down by the Guardian/Protectors of the land to make sure it is not misused.  Others may well pick up lots of signals and energy but unfortunately I haven’t.

We were drawn to the property we found when we came to Tasmania and yes there was and is a trace of the energy still there and we utilised as best we could but it was never as potent as one hoped for.  In the far north eastern corner of the property there was an area we called ‘the bowl’ back sometime in the 1960’s or so when all the land was under apple cultivation a dam had been cut in this particular place but interestingly apparently it never held water and when you saw the large cross like fissure in the centre of it you could understand why.

Apparently it was well known to some of the local community and those that were sufficiently fey could discern energies up there just the same as I could however faint they were, but after conducting numerous meditations in that spot my wife and I came to understand the significance of it’s power and that it had been a place where the Ancients met.

The Bowl became our favourite spot for meditations and it is where the majority of our contact and teachings took place with the Elementals, their spokes being and the Green Man and if was from them that we learnt that they made sure the dam would never hold water and interestingly enough apart from the cross like fissures in the soil, two trees of equal size had fallen in what seemed to be a perfect equal armed cross.

This really was a bright spot in a State where so little energy was apparent in fact it is only in recent times that I discovered a ley that crossed through north eastern Tasmania.

I’m certainly more tuned into the energies in Western Europe and the British Isles but I have no doubt that if I had Aboriginal heritage I would be far more in tune with the Australian land and I have a profound respect for this land it’s Elders and Guardians.


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