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14/5/11 – Silver Connection – Why do they want to help us & what is the benefit to them

Greetings again, okay so our last conversation, there were two things that were going to be followed up on.  One was the point of fear and various aspects on that and the other one was that we brought up, Who or What shall we say are benefits to us if we help you.

The channeller asked if we would expand this rather than just saying, “Yes we want to help you to improve things”‘ because as is often the case particularly with human beings they have been conditioned into believing there’s the old story, the no free lunch.  So with this in mind we will explain a little bit more thoroughly, if you like, why we want to help and it is not all of it.

First off we want to help because we can.  That is you go back far enough and we’re not talking time, just being, we all came from the same Source.  As you know some split, went on to various different realms.  Some like yourselves over a long period of time as time exists, became human.  But the important point here, the fact is that we are still all from the same source.

Why did we go forth? We went forth to experience, we have not by any means got all the answers or all the deep meaningful reasons as to why this happened, that is beyond our knowledge, beyond our level if you like, way beyond.  But what we do know is that we went forth to experience and in experiencing, strengthening the whole and all that is.  The whole by the way there is w-h-o-l-e.  The Whole of Being but we’re all part of the same family.

Now as with all families you get those who get along very well with each other and you get those who don’t get along very well with each other and you get those who are the black sheep and you get those that you never, never ever mention because they definitely do not come up in polite conversation.  You know what we mean.  But in the background there is still that link of family. There is still that link that if those that you never mention in polite conversation shall we say, needed help, then in general most families would come together and assist.

So look at us as being like that, for we are family.  We do want to help but it is a double thing, as we said in our previous conversation – it’s a matter of equally giving and taking and if we can help you to find that path that you chose originally, to get back on it and to grow and to bring that information back into the fold, then we all benefit from it.  All of us.  We all get stronger, we all get greater in our awareness, we all become more rounded if you like.

Now this is a very simplistic answer and it has to be – just like all things there’s far more to it than that, but it’s a good base to start on.

So, Why do we help? Because it benefits us all.  Simple, because if we can between us all get it right then we don’t have to go there again.  We don’t have to repeat.  We don’t have to once again create the wheel.  We’ve done it, we can more on.  So what then becomes more interesting and probably more challenging things and that is really where we need to go.

Now the other thing that we said is “What are you giving to those who control you”, and we said at the time that the word was fear.  Now many of you from having read other channellings, magazines, or whatever it may be, or listen, , would understand that this is far from a novel approach, it is far from a new idea, but that doesn’t make it any less truthful or any less relevant.

We are going to give you to the best of our ability, the truth as we are aware of it, and what drives so many things in recent centuries and beyond but very much in the recent times has been Fear.  For there are those beings who live on fear.  That if you like is their manor from heaven, their succor.  That’s what they live on, that’s what stimulates them, that’s what keeps them going.  Not their own fear, definitely not.

Look at it another way.  You’re a beekeeper, the thing that keeps you going in life, the thing that keeps you operating, that keeps you living, that keeps you moving – is honey.  And so you stimulate and manipulate all these bees to keep on producing all this honey so that you can then take it and live on it.  Now the reason the bees have the honey is a very different reason to why you have the honey.

So therefore their comprehension of what your needs and wants are probably very different – so if you then place yourselves as being the worker bees if you like and the honey becomes fear and the beekeeper becomes these beings that love fear, maybe, hopefully that puts it into a different, more simple box from which you can explore it.  Dissect it and discover it, from which you can decide if you are in agreement with that.

But let us with all of this in mind, try and expand the original comment, that what they are living on is fear.  First off, even in the last hundred years, just look at the amount of manipulation that has been made and the great high peaks of fear at different times.  Obviously there were two world wars, plus many other wars taking place.  You imagine the amount of fear that was released in there, but that would probably pale in comparison to the amount of fear that was released certainly in the  1960’s and the 50’s, late 50’s and 60’s where the fear of nuclear attack.  Of  nuclear oblivion was so strong, so much that people were building shelters for trying to protect themselves.

And magically a wall comes down, the USSR falls apart and suddenly you find that all that fear that had been build up, was built basically on a pack of lies, mistruths.  If you were kind, you could say they were misunderstandings, depends how kind you wish to be.  But let’s go with the reality, it was built up so that people would fear, it was then taken away.

We can go on from there very easily.  We can look at the situation that has happened since then because suddenly the Fear Farm is no longer operating is it. not in those areas, so we have to find other things to create the Fear Farm.  And we call it the Fear Farm quite intentionally because it is exactly that – it is farming.

We look at the situation with Iran, Iraq, the Middle East in general, it’s up and downs.  All the time creating more and more fear and then that settles down to a degree, to a degree.  We don’t wish to delve too deeply there because some of you might find it rather difficult to accept the facts.  So where can we harvest our fear now.

Ah, there’s one big one, one really big one that hasn’t for 70 years or more being milked as it was back in the time of the Great Depression.  You know where we’re going – the fear of losing all that you have around you.  The great Global Meltdown.

What we would ask you to do is to really look at this to the best of your ability, to find out what it was built on, as with all these other things.  What really started it.  What justification was there for it and why did it have such enormous effect.  Start looking, start finding the little cracks that will be in there.  Open them up, start finding the truth.  You may be amazed, you may not, but we hope you will.

To a degree that will give you part of an answer.

Who are these beings? That is going to be another talk and why do they need fear or do they need it?

No, they don’t need it, but why do they use fear?  That in itself is fairly easy to answer.  It is releases from you, some of the greatest energies you’re ever going to give out.  You think about it – flight and fight and really you could put in with that flight, fight & fear. As they all go hand in hand but in doing so, in fearing you’re suddenly releasing all this enormous energy.

If you like, it’s like a huge dam suddenly being coupled up to hydro-electric power and the water suddenly rushing through.  Normally it’s trickling through and then suddenly you get this huge flood of water and all this power is suddenly coming out at the other end, far more than has ever been known before and it is the power you need because that is what you live on.  It is the energy behind the fear, it is not the actual fear itself, it is what fear creates.

Fear is nothing, barring the spark, the creator of the releases of energy which can then be used in these circumstances, that can then be used as succour and beyond.  These energies that keep these beings as strong and as powerful as they are.  That keep them, always at arms length and yet they walk amongst you.  Always beyond you and yet they are a part of you, but it always keeps them one step from being human.  At least one step from being human. It powers what they use, to keep themselves where they are, as they are, what they are.  That’s it’s use.

So if we go back to where we were with the worker bees and the honey, it’s not such a bad analogy is it.  Do you want to be worker bees.  Do you want to be part of the team that produces all this wonderful honey that is then taken away from you and over which you get absolutely no benefit or do you wish to be beyond that.   That is your choice, that is your decision, that is up to you.

But the one wonderful thing you have is the opportunity to decide and if you decide – Yes, you’re very happy going along and being a worker bee and creating all this, fine, then do so.  But as human beings you have that choice.  It’s choice that sets you apart from all the other creatures. You can make up your minds whether you will or whether you won’t and if not what are you going to do?

It’s a wonderful, wonderful gift to have that choice to be able to step outside and view from a distance all that has been woven around you.  To look at it, if you like compassionately but at the same time objectively and then maybe another decision comes across the mind if you step forth and say – “I no longer want to be part of that game that is being played there”.

Maybe that decision is that maybe I want to help others to become a little bit more aware, a little bit more selective, and if you do always be aware yourselves that you have no right to control them, all you can do is offer the opportunity for them to get a glimpse beyond where they are at the moment.

Do not force them, do not bully them, do not try and control or manipulate them.  Just give them the wonderful gift of choice, the freedom of choice to do so.  As they may have forgotten they have that gift, that they have that opportunity.

Some will thank you, some will not, that is the way of being.  If you like is the way of life, but that is fine, but start to look, start to question, don’t follow, don’t necessarily lead, just be yourself and yourselves.

Thank you

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