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16/5/11 – Silver Connection – Using Fear Positively & our Special Gift

Greetings again, another week has started and we’re back in the chair again, yes.

First of all we would like to cover one particular item that came up in a communication from a reader and that is that to do with fear and how it can be used in positive ways, is perfectly true.  Without fear, it is very doubtful that the human race would have survived.  Without fear, the huge herds that roam central Africa would surely not be there in all their shapes and forms.

So, fear of course has it’s place.  It is not something to be derided, it is not something to be belittled.  It is something to be respected and to be used when necessary.  It is not something to be farmed.  After all did we not in our last communication talk about fear farming, because then it becomes the paramount, the absolute paramount reaction to all that is going on.

A simple way of looking at this, look at a dog.  If it is bred and brought up with love and trust in the background there of course there is a degree of fear, there has to be, but in the foreground it is a very stable, reliable creature.  If the dog is brought up in fear and nothing else, fear of being beaten, of being starved or whatever it may react to in those ways and the one thing that you have there is not a good companion.  You have a fearful and most unstable and unreliable companion.

So yes, we can use fear.  We need fear, all of us.  We need to be fearful at times, because that helps to drive us on in our quests, but it must not be the over-riding, all consuming energy that we eminate.  You understand that.  Hopefully that gives a little bit better insight as to how we feel about this and where it should be placed.

Now we said that we would talk a bit more about the creatures who are harvesting the fear, as we termed them bee keepers did we not and we used the bee’s honey and bee keeping anology.

Who are they, what are they? These beings, very similar to you, following a very similar pattern for a long while and if we go beyond, way beyond with this and start to look at the real basics of creation and all it’s forms, you will always see that there has to be at least two forces operating for us to grow.  You define them quite often as the positive and the negative, day and night, the ying, the yang, whatever you wish.

The ying yang is probably far more suitable in many ways, but they are forces that are necessary because without them how would there be any growth.  How would there be anything worthwhile, if everything was perfect, absolutely perfect, what have you to achieve?  Why are you here, what are you doing, what’s your reason for being?  Perfection is all around you, you can’t improve on perfection, can you.  We don’t think so.

So you have these forces that you work within, it’s like the tide coming in and the tide going out.  On the incoming tide you get into your port, the outgoing tide leaves you in port.  In it comes again and you sail on once more.  Probably not the best of analogies but at least it gives you an idea as to what we’re talking about.

So how does it link with these beings?  Well they have they same forces of course in many, many, ways but what happened simplified the whole thing if you like.  They felt that they were God with a capital G in all it’s forms.  That they were beyond the need to experience, to grow, to become aware etcetera.  And in doing so now for reasons we will not and cannot and should not go into, because we’re not going to give you a link to there – they sold their souls.  You know that, we told you that before.

So now we have there souless beings, who then had to find some way of continuing their being, because they’re not, they’re still not going to live for an infinite time, in fact of course once the soul has gone, the very opposite.  Tis your soul that lives for infinity, not your physical body or anything of the sort.  Not your mental body, not your astral body, it’s your Spiritual Body, your Soul that goes on forever.

Suddenly, with all that they’ve done, they have become detached from this.  Tis no longer part of them.  Many people would say they’ve made a pact with the Devil.  Simplistic, effective, correct and for a long time they thought they had no need,  no need to consider but just to plunder on as they had started to do.

Slowly, the realisation came that yes, they were missing something.  They were missing the most important part of their being, they had made this pact, it had been taken away.  They could continue on physically for a long, long, long time there are methods.  Oh, yes there are methods and now they begin to think something should be done about this.

They look around, they want somewhere where the beings that are there are sufficiently similar to them, that they can take control.  We know where that place is don’t we.  The Earth as you call it, a beautiful, beautiful planet and in they come.  They play their games, they do their thing, they destroy continents, Atlantis and others in their schemes, in their methods to try to refine a way back.

Over time they find that one of the most effective ways is fear.  We often hear or read of Alien abductions.  Don’t believe that they are as alien as you would like to think they are, they’re not.  They’re not little green men or big green men or big monsters.  Tis all part of what has been going on.  But not only is the harvesting of fear, tis the harvesting of souls.

So often you hear the same stories from these people, they’ve been abducted, they’ve been taken up in this craft.  They’ve been prodded, most unbelievable and unmentionable things have been done to them.  They are crazed and then they’re let go.  Experiments, harvesting, all done by the same team.

Now, they can harvest souls, but you have to be prepared to give it to them.  That is where so much of this manipulation come into place.  They cannot just come up and say ‘give me your soul’ maybe one in a million might turn around and say yes, they could be lucky.  Doesn’t really work that way though.  It has to be given willingly, not under duress and that’s what all this is about, to try to get them, then being you to release that most precious part of themselves, to relinquish it freely and readily and it has grown into a harvesting frenzy.  Because in many ways the time has come when their time is nearly finished and that’s why it’s become so strong, so important for them at the moment to bring this about to the best of their ability, so they can go on.

Now luckily there are those others very much aware of this.  Do your homework, go and look at some of the American Indian basic teachings.  See where they come from, see who they talk about.  Not just American Indians but there are many other sources for this information.

So the human beings upon the earth are not just being farmed and harvested.  Now are those who are also there, whose intent is to protect them, to bring them through this with as little harm as possible.  To reduce those who are prey upon them, back to a common denominator which is what they paid for.  Which is zero, nil, non, non existence.

For those beings who’ve defied all the laws of the Universe in doing what they have done, they have defied everything and every reason we have for our existence and they should not be allowed to get away with this.  They must pay for their misdeeds and if this means oblivion, then so be it.  They have charted that course, they set their sail upon it, let them now reap what they sowed.

To be aware there are others, very much looking out for your good, for your benefit.

Now one thing that we will just touch upon here, hopefully we can expand – Are the manipulations that are going on.  Are all channels, channellings, stories, are they al correct?  What source do they come from?  How can you trust them?  How do you know when they are for your benefit?

Ah, well we will come back once more as we always do and give you exactly the same answer as we always do – take them inside, the more you work with that part of yourself the stronger it will get, the more you acknowledge it the better it will become at helping you.

Take them in there, look at them thoroughly, completely and then decide how you feel about any given channellings.  Remember, as we have said before, there is no such thing at this stage, upon these levels as perfect truth.  There is truth as it exists at the time of being and that is what you need to search for.

Look for the cracks, look for the little niggling things that in the back of your mind say, ‘that doesn’t seem to be right, that doesn’t add up’.  Ferret them out, worry them, all the time you will be building up the strength of your own relationship with your inner self and if there is one best friend you’ve got, is that.

Most of you have lost that connection, some to a greater degree, some to a lesser degree, but that is where you can find your truth, where you can find what is right, not listening necessarily to us or to anybody else.  We can give you the markers, we can put the arrows upon the road but there comes a time when you get to the crossroads or T junction or whatever it may be, that you have to decide which way you’re going to go.

Once again we come back to what we’ve said before.  We are no here to bully you.  We’re not here to force you to do this, that and the other, we never will, because we hope we are true friends.  We will help you to help yourself, but we will not do it for you, we have no rights to do that.  But it doesn’t stop us from being a friend who can help you to get there, to where you need to, to get yourselves comfortable enough with that inner part of yourself that you can learn to trust in it just about every experience that you have and everytime that you need to draw upon it, to get it to help you.

It’s a wonderful gift, it’s a wonderful friend, for so long now semi lost and forgotten.  Let’s bring it back, let’s bring it back to where it should be because it will help you in your own eyes and in the eyes of others to become a much more rounded, much more comfortable, happy being.

Okay, enough for today, lots more to go, a fairly long way today.  We hope that we have not bored you that you can take on not all, but at least some of what has been said and work with it for your benefit.

Thank you

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