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21/6/11 – Silver Connection – The Winter Solstice

Thank you it is a wonderful and special morning, things once more start to move towards the light.  Let us see that as being symbolic towards what is going on, on the earth at this time and the unfortunate thing of course is there is that balance as always as one half of the world moves towards the light and one half moves towards the darkness.

But at least within that area it is an automatic balance.  There’s no ascendency really over a long given period, in all honesty, in all truth it is the same within these realms and in particular for your earth of course.  But at the moment we’re going through a pretty dark, bleak period and we need all the help we can get to bring this darkness to an end.

To bring the light in.  There are many of you who are Light Bearers and you can’t save the world individually, that’s not the point, but what you can do is to shine your light out as an example for others.  That is one of the most important things that can happen and if others see you serene, non-judgemental, non-aggressive, but in control of yourselves and what is going on in your world’s inevitably they’ll all want to follow.

Because for the vast majority of the world at the moment is a madness and mayhem.  The madness seems to have gripped and taken so many in it’s grip until they can no longer see the light, or anything really to do with themselves.  You think of it, you look around in particular in the western world and it’s happening in the others, people are becoming automatims.

They operate, they get up, they go to work, they go home, they go to bed, okay there are those that will go out and they will have their parties, but you follow it, it is still an automatic sequence going on.  And whilst they are automatims they don’t think, they don’t have to, it is best and most comfortable not to, because if you even dare the idea of thinking and questioning it’s going to become uncomfortable.  It’s going to rock the balance that you have at the time, it’s going to cause problems.

So they operate in many ways like zombies because that’s the easiest way, the simplist within their mind the most successful.  One can understand that, but one doesn’t have to be like that.  So to be an example outside what is happening in those areas, even just for a few friends, or a few acquaintences, neighbours whatever it may be, it’s going to have an effect, it’s going to have an edge and if we talk about the straw that breaks the camel’s back, or the butterfly beating it’s wings in the middle of the jungle in Africa, starts, creates the hurricanes that sweep across the Atlantic.  It doesn’t matter but one starts, one finishes with those sayings.

But someone has to start and there will come a time when there will be one straw that will break the camel’s back or in this case will break the hold that is there on human beings at the moment.  Who knows which straw that will be or when and is it not nice to think that you are part of that even if you are not that straw, it doesn’t matter because you’re all combined, you’re all working towards a common goal, towards a common good and that should bring this about.

So yes, for the southern hemisphere, the 21st June, the day the light turns and as you see for some weeks very little change and suddenly look and you’ll say “ah yes the daylight has moved quite noticeably now”, and then it gets stronger and stronger.

Let’s ride that wave and let’s ride it for the lightness, because it does not have to wane,  not after six months, but we can use this period as a trigger and if wanted on to the next one.  On to the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere and lock into that and move it forward again, hopping but drawing in more and more light all the time and becoming more the beings that you in yourselves wish to be.

You know that within you, what you really want to be, what you really desire, what you really want to achieve.  Start working towards that my friends, all of you, bring that light within and allow that to grow as the daylight here will grow.

Thank you

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