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30/3/11 – Silver Connection – Channellings – Are they what they seem?

Okay, well let us have a look at a very difficult subject.  Let’s look at the Channellers and the messages that they receive, where they come from okay.  Now as is inevitable on your earth, channelling and messages have been infiltrated if you like, it’s like a Secret Service and the spies that come in.  Of course they have, tis not a very secret, secret service is it when you think of it, it’s very open and so it gives the opportunity for those who wish to create as much trouble as possible, as much doubt as possible, as much damaging as they can.  It allows them to come in, right and to do their thing.

So this is one thing we have to consider, not all sources of information are positive either to human kind or to your spirituality and yet there are a lot that are.  A lot that wish to communicate, wish to help, want to come up with the best possible assistance that they can to help you and us move along.  To get what we all need to get out of this.

And yes we do like to speak in good basic language that most people understand.  We’re not interested in language from beyond the realms shall we say, after all what most people listen to all the time is fairly basic stuff and that as you know is where we like to keep our level as far as the language that we put things into is concerned.  Not the actual product, just the presentation.

So yes, there are a lot who wish to help, who are out there waiting to impart information to the best of their ability, and there are the trouble makers.  Now shall we say that even at our end not all sources are brilliant right, they’re not all knowing.  As you know very well yourselves, Auntie Flo passes over from the physical realms, psychic Joe picks up Auntie Flo at some time and draws in the information from Auntie Flo.

Do you think Auntie Flo is basically as always was because she hasn’t made that greater step at this stage.  We think you know the answer to that.  That she is as she was in many ways, we won’t even bother to go into the fact as to have they actually picked up Auntie Flo or are they picking up the astral body which is still reflecting what she said.

So there are various levels of information.  Some are so powerful that they’re extremely hard to interpret, not only are they hard to interpret but they’re hard to draw in.  Your physical bodies find it extremely difficult, you know this from personal experiences as do some others, that when the power is so strong it has a profound effect upon you, it knocks you about.  You may be on a high for a while but them wham, down you go and you’ll get the smart alec’s who will turn around and say “Oh well in that case you’d better question what it was, what you drew through”.

What you drew through was like taking in to your house system 11,000 volts instead of 250 volts, it has rather a profound effect on what goes on and because of what it is, it can’t necessarily always be controlled.

Now these very powerful beings are well and truly aware of that and they will step down as much as they possibly can, so therefore it makes it very interesting when you hear about these “Named Beings”, the same ones that keep floating around, around and around who are supposed to be the most advanced and at the highest level.  Is it them, or is it another being if you like, a step down, a stepped down version?

We can’t give you the answer, only you can judge that.  But you see what can happen here if t he information is too strong, too much, too high as has happened to quite a lot of channellers, they will burn out very quickly.  And we mean physically burn out and also their physical bodies will be gone, because they can only handle so much.

So you have these various levels, you have the Exulted Ones, if you like to call them, you have the middle of the range, which we hope we would be sat in, and connected with, and we have the interesting ones, maybe trying it for the first time, maybe not very good, maybe just trying to get back to their families, whatever it may be.  But there are many levels on information that is being imparted, some for your benefit, some not.

All of this needs to be considered when you consider a channel and the validity of what they have spoken. It is not an easy job, it is a job viewed by many as being bordering on the insane, that you’ve all made it all up in your minds, you just dreamed it up, it’s all just part of you.

Well, of course to a degree it is part of you, but what it’s part of is not your physical you, but the spiritual you and that’s the one thing that they never seem to be able to grasp.  That it is the spiritual side of you that it is yearning for contact, yearning for something which you perceive to be better than what is going on around you, not always nut often that is the way it is.

And so you have to be careful, those that channel, for your own sakes and for the sakes of those who receive the information.  We can and will give guidelines, little checks, little hints on what to look for and for what not to look for, again only those who trust us will follow those through, but that’s a start in itself.

Now we come down to what happens to this information, where does it go?  Why is it sent? We’ve given you answers to the last part of that, it is sent to assist, to improve and obviously here we’re talking about positive information that is there for your benefit not for your detriment.  These days a lot of this is passed out into the realms of the Worldwide Web – prior there were two ways of basically passing this information on and that was by group or by book.

Both ways had their checks and counter balances when you think of it.  People went along to a group and somebody channelled, if it wasn’t very satisfactory then the group would diminish very quickly.  A manuscript was produced of the channellings and it wasn’t very satisfactory, then that manuscript would come back to the sender with a thank you, but with a no thank you note.

Those sorts of checks and balances have now been removed, anybody and everybody can put information up whether they are a true channel, whether they are a channel for the benefit of your spiritual progress, or whether they are a channel intent on creating as much mayhem as they can.

So now it becomes very much the domain of the individual to decide whether that information warrants reading, warrants thinking about and acting upon.  And that is quite a big responsibility when you think of it, suddenly these other checks and balances have been taken away and it is now up to that one person who is reading it to say “yes I resonate with that, or no I don’t resonate with that”.

This in itself is not a bad thing because one thing we will teach and always teach is to take responsibility for yourselves and that is the one where you are going to progress in your being, but it’s a big step and it is a step that has come fairly quickly and as with all these things there are a plethora of channellings, some highly questionable.

You think about it, let us take an analogy here if we can and let us use the old video recorder.  When that came in approximately 30 years ago, suddenly there was a vast number of shops selling videos.  Once it was in, once it was out there and people started to buy them there was this mass of shops, some more competent than others, some down right crooked, and it took a long while to sort them out and it was only in the long run the strong ones that survived and still do survive even under the sorts of pressures they have now.

And so it will be with channelling, there’ll be those who come and go, but unfortunately like some of those video shops, they will leave a very bad smell because their practices, their intent, was not what it ought to be, so be aware of this.  Look at it very carefully and look at the channellings very carefully.

You won’t always hear what you want to hear because on thing we can assure you of is and this is one nice little check.  If everything you hear is absolutely wonderful, is that the case?  We think not.  If everything was perfect we would have no need to talk to you, you’d have no need to be on Earth etcetera, etcetera, been down there, done that.  And all doom and gloom, no that should not happen, that should not be the case with channellings.

When they tell you to go and do something, that’s the biggest check of the lot.  You have free will, that’s the greatest gift you were given.  We on our levels have to and do respect that free will.  We will never go beyond it, we will never tell you what to do.  We will try and help.  We will make suggestions, but we will not turn around and say – ‘ do this, do that’.

We do not have the right and maybe those, well shall we say from a far more Ascended basis level, who can do it and do have the right, but in general those who send the information should be viewed very, very suspiciously.

They tell you to go and cut off all your connections with your family, take your back pack and walk out into the wilderness and wait for the end of the world to come or something like that, as crazy as it sounds people are prepared to listen to that.  And of course you do exactly that and a month later they find you out in the wilderness having died of starvation.  Oh, so be it another one down.

What difference does it make.  Well it makes rather a lot of difference because every time that happens it is contaminating the quality and the validity of the information that is being sent out.

So be careful, be very careful.  Read what you will but then look at it under a microscope it if draws your attention and then process it, because as we say now the checks and balances are no longer there, you really do not know who is the channeller, where it’s been channelled from and for what purpose.

It now becomes your responsibility and it’s a big one and remember that.

Thank you

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  1. Very nice to read such good common sense advice. I especially like the last sentence. Will be recommending this post on to friends!

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