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6/5/11 – Silver Connection – the journey on the path of greater awareness & enlightenment

Right, so we’re ready to go.  Another step forth hopefully along the path to a greater awareness and for all of us enlightenment.

We feel that we should start by giving an overall idea of who we are, what we are about.  Although the channeller and his partner are well aware, we are in great hope that there will be those who will start to read these channellings and who hopefully will have a lot of questions about our position in things.

We don’t wish at this stage to delve too deeply or to go off the path that we have chosen, for as you know tis far too easy and like so much teaching it is a matter of initially giving snippets, letting the minds that absorb these snippets become fertilized and then giving them a much greater rounding of the knowledge later on.

First thing hopefully that will be asked is – Where do we come from?  Well it certainly isn’t physical earth, but that does not mean that we don’t also to a degree inhabit the finer levels of earth and beyond.

What is our aim? Our aim is to encourage you to search, to ask questions, not just about all that is going on in your physical world and hopefully beyond, but also what is going on within you.  For that is really is where the story starts.

As we have in many ways preached so often and you will hear this said many times – you alone are responsible for you.  You can pray to whatever you like.  You can blame whomever you wish, but in the long run you are you and only you could or should take responsibility for yourself, for your actions, for your journey.

What side do we come from? We come from the side that wishes to help however you see that.  The side that desires to enlighten you as to your potential.  As to your abilities to open them up and make them greater.  We do not come from control and manipulation.

Now as the channellers are well aware, this limits us in many ways that you see as being important.  We cannot, will not give you the winner of the 2.30 race today at such and such or anything of the sort.  We cannot and will not tell you what to do, because it is our belief that you have control and what’s more, the moment we start to tell you what to do, you become manipulated.  Classic example, hop along to some soothsayer be it Gypsy Rose Lee, sitting in her tent, albeit some highly paid individual doing a tour of the world.   If they tell you what to do, walk out – we’re into manipulation.

Now the vast majority of human beings who’ve been encouraged to accept control, to be dominated, to observe the rules that suit a select few and not necessarily the majority.  We do not ask you to fight against those, we do ask you to look at them and decide are they for my genuine true benefit or not.

These rules can come from governments, from religions, from peer pressure and many other sources, let alone the powerful individual who may own half the world’s media in some form or another.  Just look and see what you are being asked to do or not to do and why?

Another question which we hope will come up, cause it seems inevitable of human beings –

Who were you?  vis us, who were you.  What name can I latch onto you, so that I can get an image of you.  What famous person have you been before.  Our answer as always to this is that if we give you a name and yes, this can happen as the channellers are aware, they certainly have quite an idea of our pedigree after all these years of connection, but if we come across to you as such and such a being, then automatically you are going to put pre-conceived ideas upon that being and on what they’re saying.  Therefore we come with  no names, no past history, just what we hope is down to earth, honest guidance because this is what we wish for you.  Not your physical body, but your spiritual body.

This we will come into later on, in much greater depth, but your spiritual being, your spiritual awareness is under great attack, okay.  You understand that.  What is more important, the loss of one lifetime our of may we say many, or the loss of one’s whole spiritual being.  We leave you to answer that one and to come up with the answer with your own ideas.  We certainly have ours.

This series of talks in many ways will be fairly hard hitting.  We are aware of the pro-pondrency for fluffy rose tinted channellings that are happening at the moment.  That is not how we see things.  We see things somewhat differently and we will explain why as we go along.

This is a journey that we hope some of you will take with us.  Times it will be enlightening, at times exciting, probably at times down right boring, but it is a journey.  It is a journey that we hope you believe will help you because that is our wish and our intent.

We look forward to our first proper communication on matters that are taking place at this time and beyond and we hope that you will join us, we truly do.


Note: We have called these communications the Silver Connection as it is our 25th Anniversary since our first contact with these beings – our Silver Anniversary and to commemorate this we have called these communications  – The Silver Connection.

Anne & Roger

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