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6/6/11 – Silver Connection, the Titanic fight to control human beings on Earth

Greetings on this fair morning.

Now why are we here?  Well, let’s just look at what’s going on at the moment shall we, in other words the Titanic fight to control the human beings on the Earth okay.  Now within this of course there are lots of other fights as well, there’s the fight between humans and shall we say the Earth itself in many ways because that is really what they’re doing, it’s what you’re all doing.

As you’re trying your very best to keep your race increasing at an unbelievable unsustainable rate with absolutely no fear of recrimination or fear of the consequences as to what your actions are doing and how they’re taking place and the result.

So yes, there is more than one fight going on.  But the big one, the really big one will utilise Earth versus human if you like but really in effect it is of minor consequence as far as the “Major Player” is concerned.  When we talk about the major player we’re talking about the one, the beings that wish to take over the human souls and recreate them within themselves.

As far as they’re concerned anything else that happens is of minor consequence to what they’re trying to achieve.  So if the Earth was destroyed within all of this, then so be it, it’s of little importance to them.  The fact that the Earth has sustained humans up until now has been important but now of course the other side is that if humans are forced off this planet and absolutely nowhere else to go, it is playing right into the hands of those who have mapped this scenario out for so long, okay.

They have planned this, they have worked on it, all the different possibilities, all the different results that you could ever imagine with the exception of one, that they lose.  That one they have never considered, it has never been thought about.  Their plans have been to achieve their end.

The Harvesting of Souls from human beings as far as they’re concerned are no more shall we say that what you would view a hoard of locusts, a swarm of flies, an ants nest.  The difference between locusts, flies and ants and yourselves is that you’ve got something they want – in general, the other three don’t really have anything that you want, they’re just a plague.

It is now getting to a time where they would dearly love you to believe that the Earth is either ready to die or to reject you.  As we have told you before the Earth has been in deep slumber, we told you one reason and that was because of what the humans are doing.  The other reason, the other major reason for the slumber has been that she could not be utilised by these beings in any form to assist in their harvesting.

But as we know things have got so bad upon the surface of the Earth that the Earth is now waking up.  The Earth we assure you has still not and is not channelling, so make of that what you will. If you want to believe these channellers who supposedly are channelling the Earth’s thoughts, so be it, that is your choice.  We can tell you that this has not been the case, is not for the very reasons that we have just given.

But now for the Earth to survive with what you’ve done, she’s having to make a move, slowly, very very slowly, but it is happening.  Because she also is aware that as far as these other beings are concerned, the end justifies the means and if the means, means the destruction of a planet it is not the first time they have done it, far from it.  It means nothing to them, even a beautiful planet like yours, although it’s not yours, it’s the one you live on.  The one you learn on, your school if you like.

The Earth itself has no desire at this stage to move on into oblivion and why should it, why should she, because yes, you are right in many ways, it is a far more a feminine energy that it is a masculine one.

And so the play as we have just earlier said, is coming to a head and if they can convince sufficient human beings that the Earth is going to be destroyed, the Earth is going to die and the only way to get beyond this is to so called ascend in their very conveniently placed spaceships if you like, the so be it.

But we warn you to be very careful, to be very discerning, to look beyond because there is a war going on, basically between the Powers of Light and these beings who also link in with the powers of Darkness, obviously and it will be a Battle to the end.

We know the end can only be when those beings are eradicated.  We have said before and we repeat even though they have the technology to harvest the souls, those souls will not work within them.  But they won’t believe that, we have even told them that, but they think it is just a ploy, they think we are like them that we will lie at every turn, utilise everything we possibly can in order to achieve our goal.

Sometimes the simple thing like the truth as in this case is going to be totally and completely ignored because right now they have nothing else left, that’s it – nothing.  So in their mind they have to go on and if after that it means that they are going to have to continue working in order to adjust, they will look at that.  But it still won’t work, it can’t.

As we have said before – Creation in all it’s forms abhors and abomination and these beings have become an abomination.  Powerful, most definitely. Creative, unbelievably.  Successful, truly up until now.

So this is where we’re at, it really is a focal point but what we’re trying to get across here is, be very, very careful what you read, what you see, what you hear, what you do.

If you really are the Warriors of the Light you will use the light, you will use yourselves, you will use those who attach to you, your Spiritual Friends, because one thing that is very much for certain, is that you all have them.  Another point with these, Guardian Angels, if you like to call them, Spiritual Friends whatever, is that they can only help you when you ask.

Freewill is a many, many edged sword, not just even two.  Freewill means that when you ask they are able, if you don’t ask, they cannot.  If you’re not ready for them, if you haven’t opened yourselves up to them, if you haven’t made that link of communication to work with them, they cannot help you until you make an effort.

The choice is yours.  We will leave you with what has been said and you can make of it what you will.

Thank you

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One Comment

  1. Are you, the entities, perceiving or knowing? If there are infinite possible outcomes, then why have these posts painting very specific scenarios? Why are these posts pointing out what is wrong on the planet and who is pissed about it, yet with the convenience of saying (paraphrase) “we can’t and won’t tell you what to do”. Even a responsible parent, knowing an outcome, guides their children to the discovery of the outcome but would jump to intervention in the event of danger or destruction. To that end, I question your motives – citing the problem and then saying, “you figure it out”. The easy out is to say ‘just go inside’, no different than the vast majority currently on the internet is suggesting. 25 years? Why believe you, just because you say it? I see posts from you over a period of about 4 months, again conveniently, referencing events from a television program as the whole plan of an alien race, who purportedly have been running the show for eons. Are you just stepping up to the plate now? In the 11th hour? I find the “tone” of your “group” quite arrogant in the inferences of stupidity and complacency on ‘man’s’ part when it is well known by many, that at the very least, we have, and are, being manipulated by a single corporation monopoly. People who don’t think in corruptive concepts typically won’t recognize manipulation when it shows up, can’t fathom how others can be so dark. When did you, the vehicles for these channelings, “wake up”? Where has the effort been to eradicate, stop or even slow down this suggested plan of theirs? I do not condone what is happening by any means, however, I do take offense to being criticized after the fact. It’s just like giving someone a lecture about addiction to cigarettes after 25 years of smoking.

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