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6/6/11 – Silver Connection – Where is this coming from? What’s it all about?

Greetings beloved ones, so a few questions are coming through, maybe we can answer some of these or one in particular during this period.  Probably an extremely difficult one in it’s own way and that was –

Where is this so called Silver Connection coming from?  What’s it all about?

Well, lets start by saying that the link has gone back for much, much more than 25 years, for centuries and beyond.  The being who is now in connection with the channeller is but one of a team, this is why we say, always have, always will that names are not important.  There is in this instance absolutely no individual who is paramount, there are a number of beings who have input, all equal, whatever their status or standing may be perceived on the physical world.

This in itself is a matter of check and balance, for we too can and do beat our own individual drum just the same as any human.  We can latch into one particular area and really go for it, just like you, but we feel that the information that is to be given out is far more important than that.

Now the first thing that could be said and is perfectly true, is that these channellings are being done and have been for the betterment and progression of the human race.  Spot on, but there is a lot more to it than that.  Not only has this team agreed to work towards those ends but also very much to incorporate the creatures that inhabit the Earth, the finer beings and what we mean by finer beings is those that generally are not seen except by humans who are perceptive. But for the betterment of them and for the world itself.

Now as we have said before this then rolls on to the betterment of all of us.  So it, the information we provide is pretty wide ranging and therefore not always maybe to a depth that you would wish or require but may we say here that there are, we know, because we’ve been involved with it, 25 years of pretty regular channellings, typed and put away, some of which will be released as we move forward, those anyway that are relevant to these times and to what is going on and even those where it may give you a little bit of an insight into history.

So 25 years coupled with centuries of connections as a team and we believe a very strong team, maybe puts us into a slightly different position from many channellers in that we are very comfortable with each other.  We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses.  We know how to support, we know how to achieve what we require, it doesn’t always work by any means but at least we know the right buttons to push in order to help facilitate it.

All these are part of what this team is about, but beyond that there is other work that has been and is currently being carried out and will continue to do so, as such it is not for the general public to be aware of the specifics.  As is often the case in these circumstances it, it is, it can be quite dangerous and in particular for the person who obviously is physical, who is carrying out this work albeit on a spiritual level and we have no desire to make or create targets in these circumstances.

One thing we can assure is, that what is happening is for the betterment of the human race and all that is going on.

If you can imagine a marauding army beating at your cities walls and gates, you know that inevitably they will overcome you for a time and so you gather up all that is the most vitally important.  We think you would also agree that in these circumstances that is often knowledge.  Lives are lives, they come, they go as far as the physical life is concerned, but knowledge if left in the wrong hands can be totally devastating and so this is hidden away, it is stored.  It is locked away somewhere, far from wherever the marauding army can come and get it. Then when the time is right, they may have either integrated, moved on, or lessened their intent, or all of those, whatever, there comes a time when it is once more necessary to retrieve this information, this knowledge, this energy and allow it once again to start operating and to do it’s work.

These are the sorts of things we all do, it is both a physical and a metaphysical exercise.  In effect you’d be surprised the number of beings that are involved in this, both upon the Earth and beyond and yet this also is but one part.

Can you imagine a link to a parallel world, probably not and yet that link was made quite some years ago and ran for quite some time for the benefit of all.  The channeller’s being physical, being human when they were first asked to make this connection thought, wonderful now we can make out name in the world.  But they found that what was required was something that was very personal, nothing to be published, not at that stage anyway.

We know and we have their permission to say this, initially they felt quite disappointed as you can imagine.  You’ve suddenly got this opportunity in front of you to become famous, and then you are told ‘we can give you nothing” – and yet the truth was that at the end of the period of connection, the nothing became everything in so many ways.

So yes, we are quite diverse in what we do and how we do it.  You have the choice to read and if you so wish to believe and please understand that there is a lot more going on than just straight forward channelling.  There is a lot of work behind the scenes.  Some of you would already be aware of this, many wouldn’t.  Those that are involved, know and this is our cause, this is our work and the way we talk to you is exactly the same way that we talk to our very old friends.

For those of you who find that this is uncomfortable, so be it.  But may we turn around and say that if you are given the opportunity of being in the presence of shall we say, let us chose a famous being or two.  Nelson Mandella if you like, or the Dali Lama – if you had t he opportunity to sit in an audience of X number of  thousands and to be lectured to via microphone or the opportunity to sit down with that being on a one on one basis, which would you prefer?

We’ll leave it with you at that.  Thank you for your reading, for your listening, for your time.  Till the next time.  Goodbye.

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