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9/5/11 – Silver Connection – What’s happening, what possibly will happen & where you can all go

Greetings to you all, this is if you like our slant on what is happening, what will possibly happen and where you can all go.

A different opening is it not when we term it ‘Our Slant’.  For those of you looking for the truth, remember that quite often there are many forms of truth dependant upon yourself, how you feel about what is being said and what is going on.  Different states of mind, you can feel different things.  The one thing to understand that this is perfectly okay.

There are many levels of truth, none of them necessarily untruths, none of them necessarily the finite truth.  Can we say there are as many levels of truth as there are levels of being and that’s a lot.  Shall we say infinite lot and that is truth.

So when we say our slant on the truth, accept the fact that you do not hear from anyone the ultimate, unmitigated final form of truth.  Why would this be?  Because just as in your worlds things change and do.  The world’s beyond the physical have just as many opportunities, if not more, to encourage and to accept change.  For would it not be true that once there can be no change, once there can be no alteration, is that not a form of death.

Of course it is.  So for those who are going to be very pickey and we know they are there, will latch on and say, ‘what do you mean, your slant on the truth”. That is exactly what we mean.  Nobody can tell you exactly what is happening, what is going on, what is going to happen, not until that final moment if you like, that final nano second before oblivion, at which there is no future and all is past.

Again, having said that, we say here is, whilst there is future in any form you wish to see it, there is change and there is variance, there is movement, there is greater awareness, there is life and if there is one thing the vast majority of you beings upon the earth’s crust enjoy, it is life.  You have been nurtured to this, to expand your boundaries, to explore beyond, to think, to create, to improve.

So what has happened?  Where have things changed? When did you start to slow down in some of these exploratory areas?  And indeed you have.  Look around, the vast majority of you are quite, quite happy basically to accept what is going on. How many of you could truly stand up and say “I am doing all I can to improve the lot of all that is around, both visible and beyond”.  We don’t think too many, we think complacency has taken root.  And when complacency arrives, growth recedes dramatically.  And this is what’s been happening.

Now there are always those few who are prepared to go beyond, to continue to try to work and in your hands do we and not just us, do we place the responsibility of once more becoming awake, aware of your potential, of your being and the success you have had and the failures, because they all intermingle to making you what you are.

For many of you at the moment a lot of your experiences, your life, it’s goals, your life’s goals, your worth has been placed on hold, that’s probably the best way we can explain it.  You’re no longer pushing forward, foraging ahead, you’re no longer the explorers and this is to the detriment of all of you.  Now please note that here we’re not talking about science.

Science and the Spiritual Realms do not necessarily go hand in hand.  Sometimes they will link, sometimes overlap, but rarely do they see eye to eye and in many ways what you can see here is that science has taken the upper hand.  But science itself is in the hands of very few, they make, they create, they sell.  You buy, you use.  You’re not creating.  No, you’re just using what has been given to you and with this in mind, we can say that science at the moment is very much in the ascendency.  The Spiritual welfare, needs, hearts, of all beings is very much taking a back seat.

Is there room for science?  Of course there is, but not at the expense of all other aspects of yourselves and that is the point, that is what’s happening.  You need to strengthen and to nurture that which is within you.

For those of you who are prepared to follow our channellings for a while, you will find that time and time again we will come back to the fact that you and you alone are responsible for yourselves, it will become boring.  It is like a mantra, but we wouldn’t stress it if it wasn’t true, if it wasn’t really the first and most important thing you need to find out about yourselves.

Who you are, where you come from, where you’re going, many of you wish to know this tis why you’ve got as far as you have.  That is wonderful and a fine quest, but the first and most important help in saying, take responsibility. Be who you can be to the best of your ability.  Take responsibility for yourselves in total, don’t give you power away because for so long now the Spiritual Power has been handed over.

There are those of you, we know who can sit or stand whatever, and watch a spiritual preacher or teacher, guru whatever you want to call them, in front of their class, or crowd, or mass and those of you, some of you can see the energy flow and the one thing you can all be assured of and it can be confirmed by those who see it, is that the vast majority of the flow isn’t outwards from the teacher/guru but inwards from the crowd to the guru.  Think about that one because that’s rather interesting, so who is getting the most out of this exchange when it happens.

Who benefits the most – is it the crowd or is it the person standing up there teaching, talking whatever it is, who comes away with the greatest high?  Now there is nothing wrong in a good exchange, but what we’re trying to point out here is this is what has been going on for so long.  You give enormous amount, what you get back in return bares little relationship to the amount you’ve given out and that’s wrong.

Be aware of this.  Take responsibility.  Adjust it.  You can still give of course you can and so you should, but you should expect back a fair and equal amount.  Not only is this spiritually, buy physically – surely the point of common sense to do this.

Now you may say, what is it that we normally give out so much of?  Okay, easy.  Little four letter words, begins with f, no we’re not going there and ends with r.  FEAR.  But this is for our next talk, how come, why, who gains what, who loses what?  Let’s carry on next time, see what between us all we can unravel.

Thank you for listening, reading, whatever it may be, we hope that you’re sufficiently intrigued that you wish to find out more and this brings us to our second and again very important mantra.  Always question, don’t care who, don’t care what.  Always question, because in so doing so you sharpen yourselves and you become more astute, you become more aware.  You become more astute, just don’t accept and believe.

Ask why?  For what purpose, who get’s what?  Who gets the benefit whatever it may be and always question, especially question us.  We ask you to, you’ve got to start somewhere and if you find us wanting fine.  Nothing more to be said, just fine.  It’s okay.  If you find that we are maybe just a little bit different, maybe just a little bit more intriguing, then please continue to follow, for maybe over a period of time we may be able to help you.  That is what we want to do.

What are we getting out of this?

We want the beings on earth to get back onto track, to the track that they lost so long ago.  To become themselves, not just a pinpoint of mass, because the more that become individual and strong the greater the opportunity is for growth.

Thank you until next time.




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