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Silver Connection -Your hidden friends – part 2

Spiritual Reflections

Rarely if ever, do the important things come to those who sit and wait for them.  There are many conflicting sayings about this of course, like “everything comes to those who wait” but in reality you normally need to make an effort to create both the important things and many others.  Why is this?   Simple, how would you know what is important until you have thought about it and decided you need it?

So on the basis of everything comes to those who wait, yes maybe the important items of life could easily be included in this, but also so could an awful lot of dross.  Stuff that you don’t need, stuff that you can well do without, just like what you get when reading a newspaper.  For most 90% of it’s contents is dross, it is the little pearls that need to be picked up, studied and nurtured, and what we are talking about here is no different.

We can easily say that the dross is all that stuff that goes through your minds all day everyday and for quite a lot of you halfway through the night as well before you can fall asleep and even then it doesn’t always stop it invades your dreams.  And here we are suggesting you take control – demand.  Yes demand that the true pearls, that which has a genuine and positive worth to you is presented in a manner that you can understand.  Now this may cross with the fact that we have just said that you need to work out what you need.  It doesn’t really though does it when you think of it. You work out what you think you need and you wait for it to appear and what you are doing is asking that it takes priority over all the other rubbish that would gladly fill up every moment of every waking day if given the opportunity.

What does this have to do with your hidden friends?  Rather a lot we would suggest.  With a bit of luck some of you have taken our advice and have started trying to make that connection.  Now you do not just have to make that connection during a period of peace and tranquility when you are sitting there on your own, although in the beginning we would strongly suggest that this is the best way to do it.  But once you get a little bit further along the path, you can start talking to this best friend of yours.

Now we do not suggest that you do it out loud because if you’re going along talking like that people may look at you very suspiciously and wonder what’s  happening and wonder what mental state you are in, which is understandable.  You don’t need to do it audibly, you can do it mentally and in doing so this strengthens the connection that you have with this part of yourself.  So you can be walking along and rather than wondering about what you’re going to do over the weekend, what you’re going to have for tea, what’s on television or all the other mundane things that tend to invade so many lives – you can start to talk, start to connect.

First off any acknowledgement between the two of you as to each other’s existence is fantastic.  Secondly, by doing this you will find that your spare moments become far more productive and effective and give you a much more balanced satisfactory form of life.  You can walk along and you can think, “I need this, I need that, I need the other,” whatever it may be.  Can you help me, I know you’re there, can you help me?  Don’t necessarily expect it’s going to happen straight away, not that day, not maybe even that week, or that month but if you work at it, it will come about.

Now one thing we would suggest here that you be very careful of, are the false friends and then there are many of them, and we do say ‘friends’ in this instance in inverted commas for they are far from that.  They are meddling energies determined to wrestle back control.  To put the status quo exactly where it was before you started on this journey, this path of connecting with yourself.  After all many of them have had free rein for so long and they’re not going to give up without a fight.

Some of them can become quite sly and we have no intention here of explaining exactly where all of these energies come from, sufficiently that they are there, they exist, and they will try of that there is no doubt.  How do you sieve all these out and leave the true energy with the true pearls?  Again it comes back to you in the first instance.  See how you feel about it when that energy comes up, deep within yourself, ask yourself is this good, or is it not?  Is this positive or is it not?  It it what I need, or is it not?

Now a part of you within will tell, again not necessarily in the beginning but it will tell and it will help and here as we are saying it is a matter of you taking control, of you desiring not just a contact but the information.  You have every right, it is you, it’s all about you.  It doesn’t have to come from an outside source,  This little inside source is very smart and highly capable of giving you the vast majority of what you really need.  Another method of checking is to really listen to what you hear, to what is being said and how it is being said.  If for instance this voice suddenly says you have to do this, you have to do that, you have to do whatever, whatever, whatever – that is not your inner being.  It will not work like that, it will not communicate like that except under very abnormal circumstances.

It is there to advise, to guide, to assist – not to demand – big difference.  Why not try this?  So whenever you get a few spare moments, remove unnecessary thoughts, take control and work with that which is going to be the most beneficial.  All of this is strengthening that link and the stronger that link gets, the better.  Of course behind that link there is still another one and we will talk about that next time.     Silver Connection

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