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Your Hidden Friends Part 3 – Silver Connection

best friends

best friends

Best friends are exactly that.  They do not judge, they do not conveniently disappear when things are not going well, only to appear when everything is positive and bright.  They are there at all times, through thick and thin and well beyond.  But as with all friendships there is a degree of commitment and effort needed to maintain any friendship at it’s highest level, and this is no different.  For are we not talking about the best friend you could possibly ever have, the one that knows you the most intimately.  The one that will not turn their back on you when as is inevitable that you will do something that is not very nice.

That true best friend will see you through your traumas, through those self creating errors.  They will guide you, they will support you and they will love you whatever you may have done.  For they know that deep within there is a very special, beautiful being and their desire is to get you to acknowledge these parts of yourself.   To acknowledge that they exist and to slowly allow those parts, those positive, beautiful, fascinating, endearing parts to become more apparent to those that are around you, so that you become a light in their lives.

A person that is welcomed at any time, any place and this tends to happen because you begin to give.  You magically start to give out to others what your best friend has been giving to you and this can and does grow.   All of you at different times have been affected by those that you’ve linked in with that are highly negative and you’ve gone away feeling drained, and puzzled as to why you feel as you do, and why you feel so negative now yourselves.  But you’ve also had the reversed, you’ve linked in with those who have been truly positive and you’ve walked away with a lighter step and much happier and far move positive thoughts than you had before.

None of this is promised as being something that will automatically happen when you take the path of finding that true inner self, what we are terming your ‘best friend.’  What is offered is a distinct likelihood that it will come about.  Earlier we said about work, those of you who are in successful relationships or marriages know that it is a two way thing.  You both have to put in in order to gain from the relationship and to gain positively from the relationship.  What we’re taling about is no different, except in the fact that this relationship is even more all consuming, all knowing, all understanding and it is worthy of committing a certain amount of time on a particular number of days, to allowing the two sides to link and to be as one.

To do this it does not have to be meditation as many people would see meditation is.  It can be at any time, in any place and the effort that is needed is to remove the extraneous thoughts that inevitably fill the mind, especially when you set out to accomplish what we’re talking about.  To remove those and to allow that link to happen.   We have spoken about the importance of ensuring that the link is clean, and true and unsullied and we have spoken about how you can achieve this.

Meditation has many detractors, just as it has many paths.  A lot of these detractors rarely realise that in fact part of the time they are automatically doing this, they cannot help themselves.   However wrapped up they are with the technological age and the electronic equipment that is available to them, inevitably there are times when the mind takes it’s own path and it’s own journey.  But they will detract because for them it is a lot of ‘new age’ mumbo jumbo, and what they’re really saying of course is, ‘that if I don’t understand it, if I can’t do it then there is something wrong about it.’  It would be so much better were they to say ‘I do not understand what meditation is.  I don’t necessarily even want to try and practice it, but I will accept the fact that many people do and therefore it is not something that should be derided.’

A strange thing of course would be if they started to think and talk that way, then they’re already part way on the path that we’re talking about but they would never realise that and that’s fine.  Many different forms of meditation are practiced.  As we have just said not all of them not necessarily consciously, or even intentionally.  Some practices demand that you remove all thoughts from your mind and sit there in a state whereby you expect or desire nothing.  There is no error in that if that’s what you wish, the error would be in thinking that it would be the only way to achieve a spiritual link.  For lets look at it logically, if you were trying to achieve a spiritual link but you are allowing nothing to enter or make contact, then surely that is counter productive.

We do not say it is wrong, it is certainly not.  What we do say is that it maybe effective for some but not for all and should not be seen as the panacea so many would wish it to be.  There are many paths, sometimes just to sit and to open up and to see what touches you.  This in some ways is one of the scarier ones for we would caution that at times things that should not come in and should never be allowed in, may well try.  But, we do assure you that if you have this true link with your higher self by then, you have this guardian who will look after and protect you.  In what we are saying here is you do not move straight in to an open form of meditation allowing everything in unless you have done the prior work of giving yourself a degree of protection and a strong one in this case.

There are many ways of protecting and we will talk about these at another time for what we are talking about here are the pathways.  So in the early periods of meditation, it can be a lot safer and wiser to set yourself a goal, not just the linking in with you best friend because hopefully by the time you have got to this level of wishing to meditate you have already started to forge that link.  But if you can then set yourself a task, maybe something that has been concerning you, a worry, maybe a challenge that you wish that you need to overcome, problems at work, problems at home, problems with children.  Take them in but only one at a time, one is enough – but in these instances of course, the vast majority of the answers you are going to receive are going to come from your best friend anyway.

Now you can rightfully say, ‘ well if that best friend is me, then I don’t know that the answer, how will they and how much wiser are they than I am, after all we are talking about me and nothing else?’  We would counter this by saying, often problems can be viewed from a different angle in a different way and answers can be found quite readily.  What tends to happen in these circumstances is that the problem is simplified down to it’s basic components and then these are taken and each one is dealt with until the problem no longer exists.  And you can still say, ‘well how is this being wiser than I?’  The answer is, it isn’t it is just that you are so clouded in physicality and modern day living, that that part of you has been lost.

You are a very wise, not all knowing, but a being that knows far more than it believes it knows and instead of carrying this big dictionary around with you, within yourself you have this friend there, always ready to help, always ready to inpart the best advice.  But beware as we said before, don’t expect that part of you to tell you exactly what you have to do, for although it is you, it is not charged with running your life.  Not the physical side, it cannot, that is not it’s function or it’s purpose.  But it can certainly help.


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