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Silver Connection – Change – The Solstice

Silver Connection – Change – The Solstice

There are times when it is lighter and there are times when it is darker, they ebb and flow and yet in all they balance.  Tis the same for the Earth and around the Earth, for on this day of the 21st of June (solstice) so the southern hemisphere will get lighter and the northern darker, and yet they balance. They have for so long and will continue to do so far into the future.  So you may ask when is this balance going to start to occur in the harmonies of humans and our answer to this will be simple, “When you are prepared not to fall any further.  When you demand that this free fall stop.  When you start to climb but up to the lightness out of the dark.  The answer is in your hands, none others, just you.  Simply you.”

For you are not responsible for those around you, neither they for you and yet in so many ways you reneg on this simple fact.  You demand that the government take responsibility and whatever you may think of the government, for is that not better than taking responsibility for yourselves and yet surely you should look at who put the governments in place in the first instance.  Although you have your votes and they have their agendas at least you can participate and influence the result to a degree.

It is truly a time when light needs to penetrate further than what it has for so long.  To find those souls lost, cowering in the shadows and the darkness and to bring them back into their full being and their full potential.  Would it not be a good idea to say now is the perfect time for that and instead of setting yourselves your New Years resolves which inevitably are broken, to set yourself a different one now – a resolution to find and explore and understand more about yourselves.  For dear friends you cannot keep on running away form this responsibility, you can’t have it all ways or both ways – demanding you are individuals and at the same time declaring that you are not responsible.  And before you can understand all that is around you, you need to start to understand yourselves.

To look in the deepest and most frightening parts of anything that can be and that is deep within you, to link in to those fears and the depths to which they go and in love and care release them from those depths and bring them to a level where you can nurture them.  Where you can hold them to find final release and to go.  When you can do this for yourselves, then look around to helping others if you so desire, but this is not a case where the golf pro is a pro because they are not capable of being on the circuit or the other saying “if you cannot do, then teach.”  This is not that case, this is a case of truly finding you for until you do there is no reason in trying to help others – until you have trod that path and explored deep within yourself, you’ll have no comprehension of what it is like for somebody else.

So again we appeal to you to start to work on yourself, your individual selves and as the light penetrates the darkness, as the darkness retreats, allow yourself to expand into that space and to become it, to claim it as yours never allowing the darkness to come back.  Such a resolution for just six months until the next solstice, see how you go, see how you grow, see what you learn to understand about you.  That is one tiny step but it is one tiny step that is magical in it’s importance for it is the first step forward.  So do not expect to run immediately for it will not happen, but be prepared with all your mind and effort and energy to take that one step back towards yourselves and towards your source.

Does this mean you  have to release and remove all the trappings that have helped you to get to where you are, all the gee-gaws, all the fancy equipment, the little controllers that you have in your hand – some of you surely even in your sleep grasping on to them for fear you could lose them?  No it does not mean that at all, what it does mean is that you begin to understand what they are and what they truly mean to you and then you would find again a wonderful, magical thing would happen – you would start to release yourself from this equipment, not necessarily never using it, but using it for your purpose and not for the purpose of elsewhere.  Taking back control one step, one tiny step, one glimmer of self responsibility.

Are they too much to ask for, to hope and expect?  That’s up to you, we can but guide and we can but hope that some of you will take this message to heart and we look forward to being with you on that journey for there is one thing you can be fully positive of, and that is our love and our wishes to help you along this way.  To help you find your true spiritual inner being, to search for it, to find it, to have it reborn just like a new baby and to nurture it and to allow it to grow for in doing so the rewards will be wonderful.




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