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Silver Connection – Politicians – Do we get what we deserve?

Thumbnail samplePoliticians – they say you get what you deserve and certainly would that not be the case at the moment and we talk not just about Australia but about the whole world?  With the exception of the megalomaniacs and the despots, do you see any that are outstanding as true politicians at this time and we would genuinely say that no would be the answer.  Now why would this be?  What reason that suddenly the world has such a bereftment of skilled leadership?  The answer is simple and lies in what we said in the beginning – you get what you deserve and if as we declare you are sinking lower and lower into the miasma of technicality, consumerism and all that that means.  When those are the worlds you live in how can you expect to find or vote for somebody who is going to take you out of the area that you have placed yourselves in?

Our suggestion to you would be strongly as we have said many times, to look at yourselves.  Correct what needs to be corrected within yourselves and when you do so you will find that the right leaders and politicians will suddenly be there.  Just as they frequently have been in the times of greatest need when the threat of a world war is upon you and everybody is concerned and worried and praying and hoping for a peaceful resolution and then inevitably the right politicians will arise.  They may have been there waiting dormant in the background until that time but when needed they will take their rightful place and lead.

So what are we saying here?  We are saying that you have placed yourselves in such a position that you have no right to expect quality leadership or anything of the sort because of your apathetic ways.  Because of your inward thinking and basically considering only yourselves but in doing so not even in the true benefit of yourselves but for the caressment of your egos and personal demands.  When you can step away from all of this and demand better from yourselves and then equally demand better from those around you, you have the right to demand more from your politicians.  Until that time look at them carefully for they are but a barometer of yourselves, a full and true indicator of where you stand.  You want better quality, you want honesty, you want truth, you want people who are there to assist in the betterment of your country and therefore yourselves.  Then start with yourselves.



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