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Silver Connection – Walking your life path

Silver Connection – Walking your life path

Life, in all of it’s forms is a wondrous path.  Each tiny step for the physical lifetime is equalled by a step or more in other realms, and each of those steps on the physical are filled with millions of individual steps on life paths.   Thousands, hundreds of thousands of choices for you to make as you walk along one particular life’s path, and when you put that path into the contex of all others that you have taken and are yet to take and when within each you see all the options that are open and available to you, does that not make you quiver in anticipation?

Does that not make you understand what amazing and beautiful creatures you are?  For within all things you have been given this option of choice that is yours to take.  Many other beings in comparison to you would follow by rote, lifetime after lifetime.  Not exactly for in that there would be no worth, but as we say in comparison to you.

What this does is give you wonderful opportunites and options, way beyond what may be termed the normal.  Opportunities to experience many, many things and in all their forms and for most of you this is exactly what you have done.  You have experienced, you have drawn in the essence of these experiences, you have taken them back from whence you came and stored them ready for use again at a latter time.

These experiences be they good or bad are nothing more than exactly that, experience, unless they get out of hand there needs to be no judgement.  If one level of experience begins to take control, then it is up to the individual who’s in the process of these, to become aware and to adjust accordingly.  But as already said, you are amazing and amazing in the fact that your minds can cope with all these options and choices and variations and for many of you as you walk your paths and the times in between and you garner that information, you begin to get a sense of what all of this is about – an essence of the’ true being‘ that is you, what you were and again what you will become.

Some will and do grasp this essence and work with it fully – others will shun and walk away.  Now in times of balance that is fine, but when there no longer is any balance and the vast majority seem to be walking in one particular direction, it can cause problems.   It is no different to having six of you sitting on one end of a long see saw and only one light being, light in weight person, sitting on the other end.  They may be going up which is really what they want to do and you may have sunk down to the ground because there are so many of you – but the one thing that is no longer left is balance and when it is gone and when it is no longer in the equation it is time for concern.

Because being humans, your traits are to mimic and to follow each other.  You may deny this fervently and probably do, but look, look around you, look at what you have garnered, your homes, your cars, your furniture, the way you live.  Do you not indeed mimic everything that is going on around you – of course you do, it is your trait?  Like it or not, few are prepared to turn their back and walk away.

What does that mean of those few?  Nothing more than the fact that they recognise it is not what they want.  Does not mean they are better than, less than, greater than, nothing like that, it means nothing more than they do not want that path.  But unfortunately times happen when the weight and the bulk are down on one side so heavily it seems impossible that that balance could ever return.  And when you begin to mimic each other more and more, it is a time of great concern for you are not living, you’re copying, you’re not becoming aware, you’re not experiencing.

Oh yes some of you will turn around and say, ‘well surely we are learning to do this.’  And we would  counter by saying, ‘you have learnt that enough, you now  need to learn to see what you are doing to yourselves and to what is around you, to make note, and to consider your options.’  We cannot, will not ever tell you what to do, we can but guide and we try to guide gently, not with a big stick, not with threats or promises, but with nothing more than what we hope is a large degree of common sense as you would call it

What we would ask you to do, all of you, is to consider what we have said and then to place that within yourselves and see where you stand.  Are you that ‘light being’ on the far end of the great big see saw stuck high in the sky, or are you down there with all the rest weighting the other end of the see saw down, and if so, where would you like to be?  What within draws you and drives you?  Remove the illusions of needing to conform.  Look at yourself for what you are – an individual with an individual’s mind and awareness and options and possibilities and capabilities.

You’re not ants or huge flocks of birds, so why at times do you act like that?  We could say especially now and that would be true, but the important aspect of this talk is to get you to look within, not for us to point out the errors of the ways of so many or anything of the sort, for when you truly become  aware of yourselves you will know these, you will know what you need to do to counter.

Some of you, many of you maybe will deny this message, that is fine for we’re not here to convert we’re here to try and help you once more to become the true you, nothing more than that, because in doing so those paths you have trod till now and the ones that are ahead of you are filled with magnificence, with wonder and joy and bounty in ways that you cannot dream of.  Surely they and the thoughts of what they bring are sufficient and should be sufficient for you to consider them.

Thank you.


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