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25/4/12 – Our Lady – ANZAC Day

25/4/12  – Our Lady  – ANZAC Day

Greetings Beloved Ones, April 25th  ANZAC Day for Australia and New Zealand.  An interesting time bringing forth many different energies, the remembrance of those who died in various wars.  The recognition of those who served and survived and still live, hopefully never a celebration of the war itself.   For even those who appear to win, do not.

War in one way or another has been happening since the Dawn of Time, initially on the realms of those that are not physical and it is an unfortunate occurrence that such wars would then spread to beautiful places like your world and our world.  But with the history that was before, it seems inevitable that such things will be, for whatever reason, for whatever purpose.

Sometimes it has to be said, there is a cost that cannot be borne by turning away and showing the other cheek.  Sometimes the arms have to be taken up, but the important thing in all of this to remember is to look and see if that is the case in any given war that has taken place or that will be contrived to take place.

If there are no other options, then survival of your beliefs, of your reality and therefore of your kind has to be defended, but in truth these times are very rare and truly far between.  There has always been a war within what you may term the Heavens for control, and although it may not create those that are crippled and those that are damaged or those that die, it too has it’s own disastrous effects for all that carry the banner for their particular cause.

There is no glory in war, there never will be.  The glory can only be given to those who went forth and stood upright and resolved in their battle to maintain that which they believe is right.  So when the next war appears upon the horizon and there are indeed a number that are being generated right now, consider what has been said, look behind they hyperbole, look for the truth and then judge if your actions as an individual or as a country are right to take up this given cause.

If not, make yourselves heard.  Again we repeat, some causes have to be fought for, but there are many that do not, they have been engineered for various other reasons and it is these that need to be weeded out and destroyed, leaving you strong and resolute to fight when fighting is needed.  To put everything that you have in a cause that is just and true.

But in the meantime remember that many of those who are being remembered and respected today, felt exactly that and for that reason alone they should have our undying respect and love, for some gave far more than others, but all participated.

Thank you.



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