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24/5/2001 – Silver Connection – more on the Feminine Aspect

Greetings to you both on this beautiful morning, it is nice to be with you once again and able once more to communicate and to discuss our matters as and when we will.

Now where were we, we were talking were we not about ladies, women – the Feminine side, the mystique of the feminine part of the being, yes.  Now this of course has for time immemorial been the reason why women have held their place in the community either and excuse us for saying this on top, or underneath and we do not term this physically in the situation of reproduction, we term this as heirarchically.

But at all times the reason this has been the mystique they have used in order to maintain their position for as long as they could.  This has been their strength and also their weakness for doing so, for there comes a time as with all things unless one is prepared to grow, then one will lose the position one has attained through ones advantages up until that time yes.

And with women, the unfortunate situation has been for so long that they have used their womanly wiles, if you like, their mystique, their feminine awareness and have flaunted it but have not been prepared to move on and utilise it fully, okay.  So suddenly of course these things change in the situation of all things as they did and women no longer are even equal and in most situations they are now less than, right.

And it is no good for women to think that they can come back once more with this mystique of theirs, with this feminine intuition if you like alone and expect to take back what there should be, which is the balance.  But of course what is inevitable will be the swing over to female control rather than male.  The dominance of the feminine rather than the dominance of the masculine.  They have to if they are going to find their true and proper position in all things, they are going to have to utilise other strengths that are not necessary in abundance at this time.

One of these is the strength of mediation.  It seems to be inevitable that should women get together the first thing they will do as a group of young women in particular, is to down men, yes.  That is not going to work.  They need to be able to understand themselves as to why they have put themselves into this position and then to be able to change it.

The other major point that they must change in order to regain their position is to regain their feminine energies.  Now this may sound strange on the surface until you look at it from underneath.  Again you get a group of women together at a cocktail party, their hackles rise, the eyes search looking at the dresses, looking at the age, looking at who they’re looking at, looking around seeing who is in control, who is under attack, who has bigger jewels, who has the better watch, who has the more expensive and the latest dress.  And inevitably even when they are on their own, out come the claws.

There is a very strong feminine feline energy that suddenly appears and what they are doing is ripping each other apart, right.  Men for so long, whilst now have been quite smart in this particular area, they combine and women look at them and they cannot understand why the strength and the love between two men and we do not talk homosexual tendancies, we talk beyond sexual.

(Their mateship, their bond.)

Yes, it is much stronger.  Women cannot understand this and yet they should, for they need the same bond and when they get this bond together rather than ripping each other apart then they can concentrate on the job in hand, which is becomming once more a true 50% of the balance, yes.

(A big job ahead.)

It is indeed but it is not impossible.  It is simple to say and simple to see, if you have two armies and in many ways this is what it is, opposing each other and you have one that is controlled and combined and you have one which is a rabble that fights amongst itselves, who’s going to win.

(Oh the one that’s under control)

Yes, the one that is under discipline, the one that knows it’s goal.  Now if you were to put both armies away from each other and train them equally, then who’s going to win?

(the best one on the day)

That is right yes, and who know who that is.  (exactly) So for the feminine once more to assert itself back to it’s proper level, certain things have to take place and it is not a matter of trying to become more masculine than the masculine, or less feminine.  It is a matter of understanding one’s place as an energy.  Understanding this energy to the best of one’s ability and then utilising it for one’s own true benefits, yes.

And not to concentrate round and round on trying to tear each other’s throats apart, or trying to rip down what is already a very strong barrier.  That is the mateship as you put it of the masculine and the strength that they have surrounded themselves with. They are in many ways, believe it or not, and we say this most truly, stepping over the edge and beginning to understand more.

Many of them, not all obviously, but many of them are beginning to understand their true feminine side which leaves them not just looking at not understanding females, but the same with the males, saying well why do we have to have this, I can drink more than you and I’ve got the bigger one between my legs than you have.  I can have more sex etc and all the stupid sorts of things that come out when men get together.

This domination of each other, that is their weakness that they must dominate.  Now this may sound strange having said that their strength is in their mateship and their weakness is in their domination.  But it does not deny either point because both are valid and both are true.  It is inevitable that if you were to place a group of men who have fought amongst each other for domination, under pressure, then they will fight to the end of their lives for each other, right.

You place a group of women in the same situation, they will not. And what will happen is if suddenly one male appears in this equation, they will rip each others throats apart in order to compete for the male attention.

(Most definitely yes.  One can see how the sexes have come to this point through the different conditioning through the ages, but I must say as a female that if society allowed it, one can have much better friends with the males than one can with females as there is so much jealousy and competition between females and being better than which is really quite sad.)

Very smart isn’t it, because what has happened is, divided, we control you by the males yes.  So you divide the females, you coerce them into believing their competition is with each other and not with the males and look at what happens., and yet look at the amount of energy that is expended in those areas.  If one fraction of this was put on combining and getting the energies together and working together in harmony, can you imagine what the result would be.

(Well beneficial to all concerned obviously.) Yes, the overall point of all of this is, that as we have said even here, there are male and female energies, they are part of the whole of all that there is.  They go back to the source, they are the balance, the origin, one of the original balances that took place there, yes.

But the idea is not to beat the other one over the head until the stick is bloodied, but to look and to combine and to learn from each others strengths and weaknesses.  To truly accept each other as an equal, but an equal from whom you can learn so much.

(It is really interesting and you have opened up so much there.  I don’t know what happened in the past, the power struggles and what was the last drop so to speak that decimated the male ascendency, then the females taking over the power and so on. So was it something quite drastic within those civilisations that happened to make the changes or did it just happen?)

Always domination, never dominion (And we are doing this to our planet) of course and to other creatures.  If you are so intelligent, if you are so smart, if you are so clever, why are you destroying everything around you?

It’s domination and domination comes not from awareness, not from success, not from the power of being.  Truly it comes from the fright of not being, of not being good enough, of not being capable, of not being successful. If you know who you truly are and what you are, you have no need of domination over any other being, of any kind.  It is only when you feel threatened for whatever reason, that you revert immediately to domination.  Dominion understands the need for the balance for all things.

Domination 5 billion, 7 billion, 10 billion humans and what are you doing all the time, you are destroying your harmony, your dominion with all other creatures.  you are dominating until inevitably the time will come when it will be said that enough is enough and there will be mass destruction of human kind, to get rid of the plague.

What happens when you have a plague of locusts, a plague of anything, rabbits, starlings, what happens when this comes about, inevitably the creatures when they become in plague levels become highly destructive.  They are no longer of any form of benefit to anything that is around, yes.  That is a plague.

You are becomming a plague and as happens to them, so will happen to you unless you learn otherwise.  Stop believing that procreation is the answer to all things.  It is not.  You may have a church or more than one religion that force feed the idea of more, more, more and we all know why, so they have more, more more.  That is not the answer at all.

If you truly understood what children are and your responsibilities for them, then there would be a lot more thought and awareness and love and happiness and success in the raising of them that what there is now.  You all look in your dotage, in your fifties, your sixties, you look back and look at those young ones – they’ve got everything and yet they’ve got nothing.

We can say they have been given everything and they have been given nothing.  And it is the nothing they are trying to correct, to find. They search in alcohol, they search in drugs, they search in sex with each other.  What are they looking for?

There is one common denominator.  A four letter word and it is not the one they would normally use.  It is love, it is something they don’t even understand most of them.  And yet you stand back and you judge the younger generation, never ever accepting the responsibility for the fact that they have become what they are.

(Guilty there.) All are.  (by the same token one would like to be an optimist but I guess the pessimist comes out and see that so  much is going on at the moment and one doesn’t know how much change is going on because one’s not privy to that and how much spiritual change is happening at the moment.)

You are more privy than most.

(But one really doesn’t know how the balance is going as you can only see what is being promoted and that’s the violence and one can see that things can only end up with some sort of catastrophe and then one hopes we go into survival mode and from that mode can start with a brand new world so to speak, but when you watch the ‘Survivor’ TV programmes  they always seem to repeat the same old mistakes as it is inbuilt into the human psyche.  But one would like to feel optimistic for the young and they are trying to  make changes but..)

And may are, many are aware as you know.  Many that are coming in have a very special energy around them but why is this necessary, it should not be so.  They should be able to come in as their normal selves in order to experience, instead they are having to come through if you like, slightly adjusted.  Doesn’t that sound terrible – to survive.

(I guess it makes it awfully hard on them, they come in because they are trying to be different and walk against the flow.) As are you, and you know how difficult this is and you have had each of you plenty of experience of doing so.

(I don’t know how long the Earth’s got, what with the pollution of the rivers, the land, the air and with the population explosion one can only sustain for x amount of years, we can’t rape and pollute forever)

And yet for all that, we have said all of this can and is and must change unless you wish to be that plague that once again is decimated.  Once again is taken to the limit of survival.  Why does this continue to have to happen? Everytime the same mistakes, yes you mentioned that programme Survivor and their comments, the same mistakes every time, and yet not quite so.  There are signs of change, we take you down in what we say, we bring you up, but we still speak the truth in what is going on out there.

There are changes and if sufficient are prepared to acknowledge these for what they are and to believe in and to understand them, to study them, then there is a good chance but right now one of the most important things that has to happen is that children are brought in for their proper purposes and not just because everybody else has them, because it is expected to have them, because you slipped up in your sexual intercourse and did not take protection and are not prepared to have the fetus aborted.

Not for these reasons.  They should be brought in for one reason only and that is because you love, not them, not then,  but you love and you wish to pass this the greatest of all gifts on to the next generation, that they mad do so also.  That they may understand that they may bring in a child or two or whatever of their own, that they may nurture them with true love and understanding.  With true awareness, give them that gift.  That is the greatest gift there is physically that you can give them, true love and a few steps further along the path.

You all say where do we start, how, how can we change what is going on?  They you can change.  Stop filling the earth with beings who should not be there, they will come, there is no doubt, they are in an unlimited supply.  You could stand shoulder to shoulder upon every square inch of the ground on the earth, and there are still more to come.  There is no doubt of that.

But what have you achieved?  You have destroyed all that you set out to do.  No grass, no animals, no trees, no beauty, just shoulder to shoulder, masses of human kind creating all that they create and destroying all that they destroy.

(And they have lost sight of the Godhead) Of course because the Godhead has become themselves, but not in a fitting and normal and proper manner.  But beyond that, humanity suddenly reigns supreme, whoops humanity has gone, long live humanity.

(But that would be so sad.) Yes it would for where do you think these spirits will go.  Where do you think they are going to learn their awarenesses, their lessons if you like.  Lessons is the wrong word, but it will do.

(Are there other places they can go) Why should these other worlds be expected to suddenly take this overflow of very, if you like, uneducated, unaware selfish beings.  Why, when they have worked to bring their awarenesses to the levels that they have, to succeed in that, that we have talked about here in the success side.  Why should they have to suddenly risk all by bringing these brats and they are not more than brats, young brats, in to disturb all that has been happening.

(Well then) When you have worked for so long in a true awareness of bringing about your full spirituality in full awareness, with full experience and are well along the pathway and have already covered all these areas.  Is it fair?  No it is not.  Should it happen?  No it shouldn’t.  there are places, it is if you like, it is like a reform school.

(I do agree with what you are saying but I thought there may be other reform schools around like planet earth). And why do you think they should be any better or any different.  Or any more capable of taking them.  So it gets to a stage where the lessons are no longer being learnt.  Things are going backwards, the culling takes place.  The swarm, the multitude reduces down and we start again.  And yet if only they would be aware and selective in what they do in the love.

Can you imagine a greater gift than bringing in a child and giving it as much awareness as is possible as to what is going on.  You will get many who will say we cannot do this, that poor child will be beaten at school, will be laughed at, will be scorned.  This is unfortunately in many cases true, but it is not the answer for if sufficient bring them together and make them aware step by step, bit by bit, that is where your change lies.  Not in a flash of lightning, not in a roll of thunder, not in a wall of water.

What do you think they can do.  They are all physical things, they are not spiritual.  It is the spiritual that has to change, not the physical.  Their physical will change if it has to, it it needs to cleanse.

(This has been a very, very powerful communication with many lessons there and I guess on what you’ve just said that in my heart one has known this and you know and just wonder, how and why and when and there are certain schools around that are trying very much)

Yes indeed there are and they should be supported as such for what they do.  But even there one has to put out the word of warning and say ‘elitism’ is not the answer and as you have both said on many occasions, if you can but touch one person once and pass on something special that allows them to grow you have done what you need to do.

(Thank you so much for your help)

Tis our love with which we speak these words and our blessings and our hope that for all there will be change.  There will be awareness, there will be a moving forward into knowledge and positivity in all the true and proper forms, for in doing so you will enlighten yourselves so much.

To you both as always our love, our blessings until our next meeting, beloved ones.  Goodbye.




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