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8/3/12 – Silver Connection – A Wake Up Call

It has been a long time since we’ve spoken, to give our general messages and as we settle down today, you’re (the channel) finding as are we, tis very hard to find something to talk about.  What normally brings about such situations?  Either there is nothing going on and is that so, of course not.  Or else like an old married couple the time has come when there is nothing new to talk about.

Now, having said that, there is always something new that can be spoken about, something different, but what our comment there implies is that we are tired of giving the same messages – of having them acknowledged by a few but with absolutely no change taking place.  That is, no change for the positive – plenty of negative, lots of change there, lots of strength.

Therefore a time comes when you give up talking and you make the decision to wait until things are so desperate, so bad, so bleak and forlorn that a helping hand may then be grasped when it is given.  Should we have to wait so long for that hand to come to us?  Should you have to wait so long for that – for your hand to be grasped?  No.  This is not our choice, it is human’s choice.  Your choice is to be where you want to be, in what has been said on many occasions, a pivotal time.

What side of the fence do you want to be on?  Because the one thing that is guaranteed is you cannot stand on top of it, you will go one way or the other dependent on your beliefs, your outlooks, your actions and the results of your actions.  There are no two ways about this, none.  Either you act to protect yourselves and what is around you or you don’t.  You can’t sit there and say, “I think it’s a wonderful idea, but I’m not going to do anything.”  That is the worst possible option and therefore it is not an option.

We offer no false promises, no easy solutions, or anything of the sort because Dear Friends, they’re no longer there.  The time has come where you’ll all amend your ways of being, of thinking, of acting, or you will reap the results.  No threats, no hell, no damnation – just you and who you are and what you represent to yourself and whether you can truly look in a mirror and say, “I am proud of who I am, of what I have achieved.  That I have reached my potential and what I am doing is for the benefit of myself, for those around me and that I can leave my mark of this life upon the Earth in a positive form.”

Well Friends, is this going to happen or not?  There have been many wake up calls, and this is but one.  We often mention the need to look more closely at yourselves but this is the first time we have dedicated a channelling to this matter.  It is not something that we continuously push down your throats or anything of the sort, so you can accept that we do this when there are few alternatives, if any.

The positive side of all of this is that within, you know who you truly are.  You know your links to yourselves and you know how to make amends for so much, for what happens in most people’s lives.  You’re often tole that you have been bullied, coerced, trapped, driven, manipulated into who and what you are.  True, definitely true, but is it’s truth a good enough excuse to either deny the fact or ignore the situation or to decry the need to make change.

That is the side of you that we need to see and you need to see.  The side that says “it is time for me to go out each day and make one person I don’t know happy”.  Just a smile, a few kind words, something as simple as that, nothing more – rather than road rage, having a barrier around yourselves to ensure that it cannot be penetrated.

Open up a little bit and let the light shine forth.  Even those you don’t like – if you open up a little bit you might find they’re more tolerable and they may find the same about you and you never know in the long run you might find a new friend.But with all that is going on at the moment, all that is happening around – don’t wait for everybody else.  Start doing something yourselves, within yourselves.

It’s a great first step and if you take it there is one thing we will guarantee, that you will feel good, because it will have an affect around you.  Try it.  Thank you.



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