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9/10/2000 – Silver Connection – Walking in the Light – Out of the Darkness into the new Dawning

Although a lot of this channelling was a personal one and some items have been edited we feel it still has a lot to say that it’s message is pertinent for everyone who reads it.

Greetings beloved friends on this beautiful morning.  How are we both at this time.

Very well thank you.

Well rested and ready to face the battles of the dawn, yes.  For the dawning truly is the time when life erupts in all it’s many forms, when the dark scary things of the night go back to hide once more in the depths of their tunnels, their tree trunks and the depths of ones mind.   For this indeed is as it is, and as it should be.  And when steps upon that dawning as it takes place, so the things that have obsessed one through the darkness of the night should disappear.

For indeed they may well return, but why dwell on those when before thee lies the light coming up in all it’s magnificence and all it’s glory.  Why look back through the hours of no light, of fear, of horror and indeed a contemplation upon these things when now beckons the brilliance, the aura of the day, the awareness of all things new, of all things possible, of all things living.

For is it not true that although there are those that live within the night and have done so for millennia, unless there is daylight they could not exist, for what do they do, they feed upon plants, the beings that live in the day yes.  They are subservient to the light itself in many ways, for although they have adapted to other sources, without the light there would for them also, and indeed particularly be no life.

And you my beloved ones,  stand upon the step of dawn now, for much has taken place in recent months and even recent years, which has kept you truly in the dark and yet in doing so one has learnt so very much, for it is necessary, it is always there to be faced.  It cannot be denied and indeed it may well come again.  For these are the cyclical aspects of dusk and dawn, of midday and midnight, are they not, yes.

And so, when one stands upon the dawn one releases those things that have held one in fear and one let’s them go and embraces the light.  That is if one can do so, if one is prepared to do so.  If one is prepared to take that scary step, truly into the light itself rather than stepping backwards, remaining always behind the line of the light, of the dawn.

Clinging on to the scary parts and many are prepared to do this for that is how they see they want to be, but here those who are brave, who are bold, who are purposeful, step forward and rejoice in the enormity and the fulfillment and the courageousness of stepping into that light and receiving it in all it’s glory, all it’s fulfillment, all it’s success.

And you have to decide are you creatures of the night, or are you creatures of the day who then have to go through the night.  For there are great differences.  Those with the night step backwards, those with the day step forwards to live, to learn, to understand.  For what happens with those of the night, they sleep through the day totally ignoring all that happens about them.  And to a degree one may say those of the day sleep through the night, but it often appears not to be anywhere near as sound a sleep as those who come through the daylight hours without acknowledging it.

And so beloved friends, the dawning is here, the dawning is ready for you to step through, to shake off the bands that have held you for so long.  In particular those bands of families, for if you were to look properly you would see that all your insecurities in all their many forms, all your fears, your doubts, your horrors, your hates, are set as in concrete in these areas.

Do not blame them, for they are there but to bring home to you those aspects of oneself.  But look beyond that and acknowledge and see and say, “I understand that these are indeed the things that have truly held me back, us back, we back and it is now time to move on.”  That does not mean denying what is taking place around you, but no longer allowing any of it to have the night effect of fear as it has done so for so long.

For prices have been paid that have been strong and even mighty in their asking, in order to walk to this step, having done so much would you now run back into the safety if you may think so of the darkness or do you step forward in full cognition of oneself, into the light being that is you and all that is around you.

There comes a time when that decision must be made, they come many times for those who are not ready, when it must be made one way or the other.  But you have for so long now been in that darkness looking for that light as they say at the end of the tunnel.  It has got brighter and brighter, things have changed around you.  It may not be always exactly as you would desire or would wish, but they have taken place so, in what they have done.

They have brought you to a greater awareness of your frailties, of your strengths, of your knowledges and of your ignorances.  The child can be led to the ocean or to the edge of the river, to the water.  The child can be thrown in and will be feared and will run back, but if that child is prepared with a degree of coaching, with a degree of encouragement to step into that water and learn to swim, it can survive very successfully.  Thrown in, it may drown, it may somehow get back to the edge never again to step foot in that scary place. Do you understand what we say here?

Yes, and I really do think the time has come to come to the light, it has beckoned for so long, one doesn’t want the darkness.

Look at what has happened around you in the past 2-3 years in particular, you have luckily had sufficient wherewithal and awareness to think deeply, to talk deeply and thereby to start to understand oneself more thoroughly with a greater awareness, with a greater knowledge of what one is, of what one’s being is.  Unless you had trodden these paths, these steps, without those do you thing you would understand yourselves and those around you anywhere near as well as you do now.

No of course not.

No, it is as with so many other things not a time of negativity, it is a time of learning, maybe a time of darkness as one scrabbles for the light.  Whereas when one is more aware one understands that night will follow day, as day will follow night and there are things to be learnt in both areas.  Things to bring to one’s attention, to the forefront of one’s being, right up the the edge of the mind.

As we say for many there are those who will run, run away in particular from the light, fearing that step over.  They  have been encouraged, they have been brought if you like to the edge of that swimming pool, to the edge of that river, to the edge of that ocean, encouraged to take that step, that scareful step.

And then with a little help to learn how to survive in a different enviroment, some will make it, some will not.  That is the raphsody of the individual and their beauty, for they will be led there time and time again until they are prepared to take that step at long last.

It will not happen until they are truly ready, just as so much of what you all learn, only comes forth when you are truly ready to understand it and to accept it in all it’s brilliance, in all it’s light, in all it’s honesty.

You have stepped through many mires, some would cling at you greatly trying to drag you down to keep you if you like at their level where they are.  Each time you have extricated your feet and walked above and beyond.  This has been your decision, we cannot make this for you, neither should we, neither would we, but you have each time pulled yourselves away.   But have often allowed tentacles of that mire to stay, remain connected to you.  Now is the time if you so wish for these to be removed and only you can do it, we cannot neither should we, neither would we.

For myself I really wish to walk out of that no man’s land.

You fear for money, why?  (I guess that’s reality) Have you not enough faith in yourselves and what goes around you.  Have you not learnt by now just what you can and do create.  What you are responsible for, have you not learnt how to use it to the benefit of what you are doing.

Rather than the detriment, you can concentrate on all those negative aspects and yes, they will be created as you have found out, you can concentrate on all those positive aspects and yes, they will be created as you have found out at times also.

Success for you is not necessarily as others would see success.  And neither should you try to emulate others in their forms of success or let it if you like contaminate your ideas, you understand this.  Yours is your path, your story, your history, your way, your truth, your light, your love, your being.  It is not others.  They have to at time whenever make that path themselves.  Do not get waylaid by their understandings of belief of success, of what is around them, of what they own and what they wear.  What they have in their bank, what they achieve.

If you have sufficient faith in yourselves, all that you desire, all that you require, all that you need, all that you want, will be there.  It is truly beloved ones as simple as that.

We’re just a bit slow.

Not at all, in many ways, but indeed yes in others, that is so.  But we would council and say, do not look around and be entrapped by those things that people have as being successful.  For it is but a transient, very short term form of success that they seek, that they rely on, that they worship, that they need, that they desire.

After all the success of the spirit from must rate so much more highly than the big house, the big car, the flashy jewellery, the boats, even the horses, the racehorses – whatever it may be.  Do not be trapped into that area for you are truly in your travels, in your experiences, in your forms of life, way beyond the need for that.  You have been there, you have no need to go again, you have no need to prove anything to anybody but yourselves.  And if others see you in a different light, then so be it.

Hopefully we won’t be entrapped again to those things because they really are just things, and burdens and  I think I speak for us both here and that is for the success to get this place really at it’s peak of potential and our spiritual growth along with it.

But you see how the two intertwine, how the knowledge of one must react with the knowledge of the other before the two like a flint and a stone can spark together and create fire.  (and warmth) Your can have one in one hand, you can have one in the other and unless they come together with a clap and that spark is released, nothing will happen.  You look in one hand, you see a flint.  You look in the other hand, you see a stone.  You say that is a flint, that is a stone and I need fire.

Okay you have the tools yes, I have this flint in one hand and I have this stone in the other and I need fire, yes.  You have everything you need.  I have this flint in one hand, I have this stone in the other and I need fire, and what are you going to do about it.  Well I have this flint in one hand…..Do we need to go any further.

Bring them together

But you have to do that, we cannot tell you to do that, we can help you to find the flint.  We can help you to find the stone.  We can help you to find the awareness that says one should strike upon the other.  We cannot do it for you.

Thank you for your guidance and your help, without you I don’t know where we would be right now.

You would be exactly where you need to be, we help here because you are ready, because you asked, because you are questing, because you have earnt sufficient within yourselves to know that next little bit if you like, as you build the road, the wall, whatever you may see it as being, one brick at a time.

Beloved ones, sufficient for today.  There is and what has been said, we will leave you to contemplate upon what you need to do.  Upon what you must do and we look forward very much to our future communications, hopefully and trustfully walking in the light.

In the light of the sun, in the light of all that is, that can give you the nuturing that you need.  For by staying in the dark, one becomes very pasty faced.  The skin suffers, it is not fed.  The being changes as it’s eyes change to see within the minute amount of light that is available.  It hunts by certain instincts which you need.  But it can step forward into the light with it’s other knowledge and be so much stronger in doing so.  You understand yes.  Okay.

Till soon, our love, our blessings to you both, thank you for listening.

Thankyou so much, our pleasure.  Goodbye




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