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Slow down and find your Best Friend

320px-Namaste45 -OrenBochmanLife goes by at a blur does it not. In many ways it seems to be going so fast that it appears to be out of control, moving from one situation to the next and on and on again. Sometimes managing to resolve the issues, sometimes not. Coupled in with this there is the ever increasing demand for permanent attention.

What do we mean by permanent attention? We mean in many ways that you have to be permanently occupied, that your attention is placed elsewhere. Now we know that many of you, even though involved in this precipitous pursuit, feel that it is totally out of control and at the same time for some of you there is a deep urge inside to slow down and to start looking at oneself. And this is what we would like to talk about.

We can make many comments both positive and negative about the form of modern day living that many of you are subjected to and we intentionally use that word ‘subjected’ because often with the pressures that surround you, you appear to even have little option but to follow the course set down by many others before you and at the same time being pushed by those behind you wishing to get to where you are.

Of course there are advantages, just as there are an equal number of disadvantages and our comments here would be to understand this is the case and to temper the amount of pressure that you allow upon yourselves to comply with all that is going on around. This does not mean opting out or anything of the sort, what it does mean is taking just a step to one side – not backwards, not forwards, just to one side and trying to get a better overall picture of what is not only happening around you, but what is also happening to you.

If a huge truck is hurtling downhill at an ever increasing speed – is that desirable? Is it safe? We think the answer is a definite no and yet for many of you, you can put yourselves in the place of that truck, or sitting inside it screaming down this hill, no brakes, little control and having little idea of where you’re going to end up, apart from a very nasty possibility. Now most of you given the opportunity if you thought you could do it safely, would open that truck door and you would jump out if you thought there was a nice big soft landing for you and let that truck go on and destroy itself, wherever. Let it smash into smithereens.

That soft landing spot is there for you and the first thing to do is rather than opening that truck door and jumping out regardless of the dangers, you take a step to one side from the path you are following at the moment. It does not mean that you have to follow a parallel path or anything of the sort. What is does mean is this is giving you the opportunity to just stand to one side maybe just for a few moments to try and get a clearer picture of what is happening and then making the decision as to whether you want to continue on exactly as you were or whether you would like to try and just maybe adjust that pursuit, that crazy pursuit and process you are following. Adjust it just a little bit. What do we mean by that? Start to take control. You can certainly not control anybody else’s lives. You may think you can, you may try, and some may be willing to let you, but until you have a darn good handle on your own, it is a very unwise, in fact foolish process.

Just for a few minutes take that step to one side, lock that mobile phone in another room, or leave it in your car or wherever. Sit down. Already it’s getting scary, on your own sitting there with nothing to do. Some of you may never have been in this position before, and yes, it is frightening. But do you know what, you’re not on your own. You have you best friend with you. Your very best friend. The friend who will never betray you. Who will never hurt you and never do any harm in any way and that is your inner self. That friend would love, absolutely love the opportunity to make contact.

Now we may say here, that friend has probably been trying to make contact for many years – knock, knock, knock. Knock, knock, knock never stopping but no reply and very likely in the beginning of you trying this process exactly the self same thing may happen. You cannot expect ingrained processes that have been going on for so long to suddenly fall away and allow you to take control. They won’t, rarely, if ever, but if you chip away at those processes bit by bit you may very well start to hear that knocking and then the next thing to do and one of the finest things you can do is to make proper contact with that friend.

Because locked into each and every one of you there is this being that is still you, that loves you dearly, wants what is best for you. Best doesn’t always mean easiest. Best doesn’t always mean nicest. But best means exactly what it is – best, the thing that can be of most benefit to you. Why not try? Just sit down, try and find the most peaceful spot possible. After all noises can be very intrusive. Sit down and close your eyes. Take a few ever deepening breaths and follow that breath through the body. Having done that and when gently having moved your breathing back to it’s normal non noticed level of operation, just sit and listen.

Oh yes things will come into your mind, of course they will, they always have, and we are certainly not advancing the idea that you try to block these out totally, it takes many years of practice to be able to do that even if it is desirable and that is questionable. But if the first few times you do this you find that you can start to take just a little bit of control of those thoughts, just a little, isn’t that in itself a wonderful achievement, because then you have taken the first few steps towards ‘mastery of yourself.’

What would Mastery bring and why would I want it? Mastery = control. For once you are in a position of controlling yourself totally and taking responsibility for yourself. Having done that you have one of the greatest possible links in being able to listen to the part of you that is within. For as we have said that part wishes only the best for you. Even though it is part of you, you can talk to it like an old friend, after all that is exactly what it is. It knows every little bit about you, it knows all the good, all the bad things, all that we would love to hide, that which we never discuss with anybody. It knows all that, but the one thing it wont do is judge you. Most definitely not.

You have the opportunity in taking control and acquiring a fantastic friend as far as advice and assistance is concerned. This really helps you to master your lifetime and many of the questions that inevitably flow through the mind – not only will they become relatively simple, the chances are they will be answered. Well it’s up to you isn’t it. Do you like the idea of sitting in that huge truck going down a mountainside out of control with no brakes. A few of you of course do, you’d drive it to the end just to see what happens. Fine, no judgement there – but many of you would not and it is you that we are talking to.

A few deep breaths, a short form of what you may call meditation, taking a degree of control of your inner thoughts and the results can be more than worthwhile. Highly satisfactory. Think about it  –

Source – Silver Connection

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